‘Rama Rama’

Sugriva in ramayana

Sugriva in ramayana

Many of us would be using the words, Rama, Rama, mostly in times of difficulties or disinterest in our work, or when we doesn’t want to invite a stranger to our office or at our home. Some people would be frequently using the word Rama, even without knowing about its significance. Telling the names of Lord Rama, whether knowingly or unknowingly would bring good prospects in our life.

Even some teachers would use the word Rama, when they find any difficulty in teaching the dull students in the schools. Instead of expressing our anger over others, we can use the word, Rama, to get some mental easiness, as well as we can be able to properly react with others. Rama is the divine avatar of Lord Vishnu, and he acts as an example for others. We can study a lot from his life, like love, affection, gentleness, patience, sympathy, kindness and generosity etc. Lord Rama showed his braveness in front of the sages, and he got married with Mata Sita after proving his archery skills. After living a luxurious life in the palace for many years, in order to fulfill the wishes of his step mother Kaikeyi, he immediately moved to the forest with a smiling face, without showing any hesitation. Even after losing his wife Sita in the forest, somehow he managed to live his life patiently, and performed many miracles in the forest.

With the help of Lord Hanuman and other Vanaras, and with the help of Vibhishana, finally he killed Ravana, and brought back Sita from Lanka to Ayodhya. Due to some rumours, he sent Mata Sita to the forest, and she gave birth of Lava and Kusa at Maharishi Valmiki’s ashram. After Sita had went to the abode of her mother Mata Bhudevi, Rama brought up his two children in a good manner, and after ruling the Ayodhya for a period of 11,000 years, he took the people of Ayodhya along with him to the Holy Vaikunta.

Hence, let us start developing the practice of reciting the word, Rama, regularly in our life, and be blessed.


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