Dharma Paripalana Moorthy | Sri Rama who ruled Ayodhya with Strict Dharma

Lord Sri Rama Lakshmana Hanuman

Lord Sri Rama Lakshmana Hanuman

Lord Rama is also called as Dharma Paripalana Moorthy, since he ruled the Ayodhya Kingdom by observing strict Dharma. During his period, Dharma was prevailed throughout his kingdom, and all of the people lived a disciplined and an honest life. Lord Rama gave a golden rule for a period of eleven thousand years. Since Lord Rama is the follower of Dharma, he is also called as “DHARMAPRABHU”, since he gave a righteous rule, he is awarded the title, ”RAJARAMA”, since he was born to the queen Kausalya, he is also known as “KAUSALYARAMA”.

Similar to his ancestors like Harichandra, Aja and Dasaratha, he is well versed in all kinds of arts, and he was an expert in archery. Many of us are not aware, that Lord Rama is even talented in music, and he used to play a musical instrument, similar to the present day Veena, by using his lotus hands. Out of good nature, he showed mercy even to the cruel demons, and he didn’t give any troubles to them, and only in certain circumstances, he killed the demons like Kara, Dushana and Ravana, and he has done that act, in order to preserve and protect the Dharma in the world.

Lord Rama comes immediately to rescue the sufferers, since he doesn’t like his devotees to cry out of their sufferings, and hence, he is known as “KARUNYARAMA”, since Lord Rama lived in the Aranya, the forest, he is known as “ARANYAVASA”, since Lord Rama killed the dreaded demons, he is also known as “ASURA SAMHARA MOORTHY”, since Lord Rama showed his love and affection with the bird king Jatayu, he is known as “PAKSHI ANUGRAHA MOORTHY.

Many of us are interested to bring Lord Rama again to the earth, since we suffers a lot in this difficult Kali Yuga. Once if Rama again takes birth in this world, then the entire earth would prosper and the living styles of the modern people also would get changed, since through his lovely smile, Lord Rama would steal the hearts of the entire people in the earth, and he would transform even the bad ones into good.


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