Rama Rajyam | Rama Rajyam Mahatmyam | Importance of Rama Rajyam in Present Time

Rama Lakshman Janaki in Exile no-watermark

Rama Lakshman Janaki in Exile no-watermark

Most of the Hindus are aware about the Vishnu Avatar Lord Rama, and about his holiness, greatness and divinity. He has ruled his kingdom of Ayodhya successfully for 11,000 years, along with the help of his brothers, the great Hanuman and his ministers. Throughout his rule, he gave correct judgement, and didn’t commit any mistakes in his life. Though still some people blame Lord Rama for sending Mata Sita to the forest, but actually Lord Rama had done like that, due to his fate.

Once when Lord Vishnu severed the head of Rishi Bhrigu’s wife, Rishi Bhrigu has cursed Lord Vishnu to get separated from his wife for a long period of time. As a result of that, when Lord Vishnu had taken the Rama Avatar, he has tested Ma Sita, and send her to the forest. From this incident, we can understand that even the divine avatars cannot escape from their fate. Whatever is written on our fate, whether it is good or bad, we have to willfully accept it by thinking it as the wish of the god.

During the period of Lord Rama, even the animals and birds can freely enter his palace and can praise him or they can complain about their problems. Once when a dog was hurt by a Brahmin, it ranged the bell kept in the outside of the palace, and after getting permission from Lord Rama, it went inside and sat in front of him. First it praised about the greatness of Lord Rama, and then it complained about its problem.

Lord Rama asked his servants to apply medicine on the body of the dog, and then he asked the dog about the punishment to be given to the Brahmin. The dog has asked Lord Rama to make the Brahmin to become a king for a small region, since becoming a king and ruling a region is not an easy job. When a king gives wrong judgement, then he has to suffer for the bad karmas in his present as well as in his subsequent births also. As per the wish of the dog, Lord Rama made the Brahmin to become a king for a small region, and also adopted the dog as the pet dog, and kept in his palace, by providing rich food, and good shelter.

Lord Rama once had heard that a learned Brahmin, who has committed lot of mistakes in his life, was doing severe penance on Lord Shiva in order to escape from the sins committed by him. He immediately met him, and severed his head with his sword, in order to maintain righteousness in his Ayodhya kingdom.

During his rule, all the people in his kingdom lived very happily and peacefully, and they didn’t suffer from any type of physical and mental diseases. There was no enmity between the people, and all of them lived like good friends.

All of them possessed adequate wealth, and there was no shortage of food grains in his kingdom. Rain was showered on all the seasons, and all the crops were grown properly. All the people in his kingdom used to chant the Rama Mantra, ’RAMA, RAMA’, and ‘JAI SRIRAM’, and even the animals and birds used to praise him.


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