Rakhi Festival reference in History: Raksha Bandhan in History

Rakhi Festival, Raksha Bandhan is the festival celebrated by brothers and sisters as the indication of their great relationship. Rakhi Festival has its great reference in history. The legend of King Purushottam and Alexander reflects clear picture of Hindu culture, affection, love, and above all humanity..

King Purushottam and Alexander – Kings of Rakhi Festivsal:

The story of the importance of Rakhi festival is mentioned in history which described the relationship between King Purushottam or Puru with Alexander The Great. In or around 300 B.C. Alexander the Great of Macedonia invaded India with his huge army. King Purushottam defended greatly with his furious war tactics. The great conqueror of the world, Alexander the great was afraid of Purushottam and called back his army from the battle field.

Alexander was seriously worried of this incident. Alexanders wife heard about the greatness of Rakhi festival and importance given to Raksha Bandhan by Hindus. Seeing her husband worrying, she went to King Purushottam and tied Rakhi to his hand got his blessings. King Purushottama accepted her as his sister and blessed her for wellness of her family. With that incident, when he got a chance to behead Alexander, he just hold back from the battle field.

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