Rakshabandhan Mantra | Mantram to recite while tying Rakhi

Rakshabandhan Rakhi

Rakshabandhan Rakhi

Rakshabandhan mantra, the mantram or sloka, to recite while tying Rakhi is associated with the legend of King Bali and Goddess Laxmi about Raksha Bandhan.

Sisters recite Rakshabandhan mantra while tying Rakhi on to brothers hands. Here is the mantra or stotra of Raksha Bandhanam. Raksha Bandhan 2022 date is August 11.

“Yenabaddho Baleeraja

Daanavendro Mahabalaha

Thethathwa mabhi badhnami

Rakshamachala maachala”

Meaning of Rakshabandhan Stotram

“On the request of all the Gods, Vishnu tied up the strong and powerful Demon King Bali with his strength. I am tying the power of the Vishnu Shakti, in the form of Raksha, on to you hand. With the force and energy of this sacred thread, all the Gods will stand at your side and keep you healthy and wealthy forever.”

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