Rahu in 10th House | Rahu in House of Destiny

Rahu in 10th House, Rahu in House of Destiny (Karma Sthana) – Effects of Rahu in 10th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Rahu is in 10th house, it will give both positive and negative results. Rahu will become twice benefic with Saturn but it will reduce the life span if it is malefic.

When Moon is alone in House No 4, it will create problems and lead to loss of wealth and peace of mind. If House No 2 is blank, Rahu will become dormant and ineffective.

Positive effects of Rahu in 10th house 

Rahu in 10th house will make the native kind hearted, wealthy and respected in the society.

When Saturn is benefic, Rahu will be benefic for wealth and the native will be  a good businessman. It will also bless him with a long life. Despite all the troubles he will get through his friends depending on the position of Saturn, he will emerge victorious.

If Saturn is benefic, Rahu will become doubly benefic and give lots of wealth and power. When Mars is benefic, Rahu will be ineffective.

Negative effects of Rahu in 10th house

When Saturn is malefic, health of the native and his mother will be affected. If the person is not broadminded and acts miserly he will gain more enemies and Rahu will become malefic for his finances.

Malefic Saturn will lead to loss of eyesight and reduced lifespan. Gold will turn into iron and ancestral property will be destroyed.

When Mars is poor, the native will be poor and lead a troubled life.

When chart is blind, ie Sun, Venus, and Mars conjoin with Rahu in House No 10, Rahu will give malefic results.

When Rahu is alone and Mars does not conjoin, he will suffer loss of wealth if he remains bare headed.

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