Raghuvarya Tirtha | Sri Raghuvarya Tirtharu

Raghuvarya Tirtha was a great saint and the pontiff of Shri Uttaradi Mutt for the period: 1502 to 1557. He was the disciple of Sri Raghunatha Theertha, and he was his successor.

Sri Raghuvarya Tirtha taught the famous work Nyayasudha to his disciples in a simple manner. He was the guru of Sri Raghuttama Tirtha, an aspect of Lord Nirudi Dev.

He was a great devotee of Lord Sri Rama and worshipped his idol with much bhakti. He had spread the bhakti cult throughout the south India, and many people were become his ardent followers, due to his simplicity and spirituality. His disciples also admired him for his wisdom, courage and kindness.

Once, Sri Raghuvarya Tirtha met Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Udupi and discussed about Madhwa philosophy, and also about spiritual matters. Chaitanya, who was revered as divine avatar of Lord Krishna, blessed him and given spiritual powers to him.

Due to his great spiritual powers, once, the river Bhimarathi gave way to Sri Raghuvarya Tirtha to reach the other side of the river. He attained Samadhi at Anegundi, which is also known as Navabrindavana.


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3. Krishnastuti


He was an expert in Vedas, Upanishads and all divine texts. He treated all of his devotees in an equal manner without differentiating them with regard to their caste and community. He was a kind, humble and a noble saint, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram and also a devotee of his guru Sree Madhwacharya. Through his great powers, he had blessed all of his followers and devotees and given them peace of mind, good health with sufficient wealth and removed their diseases and given them peace of mind.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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