Guru Raghavendra’s Special Prasadam

Guru Raghavendra Swamy Special Prasadam… Guru Raghavendra’ special Prasadam would be offered in the temples of Raghavendra during the time of performance of Annadanam, and this special Prasadam would be offered in between the Annadanam, that is before offering of curd rice to the devotees. This special Prasadam would be a combination of both sweet and bitter items, since these types of food stuff would be usually eaten by the Saints like Guru Raghavendra. Saints are the selfless people who are differentiated from normal people with regard to their eating habits. Most of the Saints would prefer to eat only simple vegetarian food in order to control their senses. Likewise, Guru Raghavendra has consumed simple and Satvic vegetarian food only during his lifetime.

During my young age, while I was visiting Guru Raghavendra Swamy Mutt at Ayanavaram, and while I was taking food at the temple, I used to ignore the Special Prasadam of Guru Raghavendra, by considering it as a tasteless food item. But after the passage of time, I have realised the significance of the Special Prasadam of Guru Raghavendra, and from then onwards, I used to eat the Prasadam willfully.

As per the holy texts of Hinduism, we should not give too much importance for tasty food, and we should practice ourselves even eating non delicious food items. It is also believed that those who give prime importance for tongue by the way of tasting variety of food items including non-vegetarian food items would be subject to commit crimes including murders and rapes, since these spicy non vegetarian food might cause some sensational feeling to our body.

At this present scenario, plenty of chances are there to commit bad acts, and during such instances, even god cannot save us. Hence we have to be very careful with our food habits, and we must take an oath of eating only vegetarian diet for ever in our life.


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