Raghavan, disciple of Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal

Raghavan was a native of Kanchipuram and he belonged to Brahmin-Iyer community. He was a sincere devotee of Kanchi Swamigal, and regularly visits him during every month. After finishing his education, he has taken charge of his father’s small textile business, and earned a reasonable profit through his business. Years later, he got married and had children, and his responsibilities were also increased. His wife was unemployed, and the entire burden of looking after his family falls on his shoulders.

Suddenly, nearby his shop, few more textile shops were started, and gradually he began to lose his business. Some of his customers were started to move to other shops in the same locality. Raghavan was very much suffered by this, and due to that, he found it difficult to pay off his dues to his creditors, who were the suppliers of the dress materials to his shop. At one point of time, he decided to sell his house, in order to pay the debts. But his father has advised him to tell his worries to the Kanchi Swamigal, in order to get a solution for his problem.

As usual in the beginning of the month, he went to Kanchi mutt on one fine Sunday, and waiting for his turn to meet Swamigal. Suddenly Swamigal has called him by mentioning his nick name, and asked him to sit in front of him. He was very much surprised, since no one knows his nick name, except his family members. He was very much happy and sat silently in front of him. Kanchi Swamigal began to talk to him in a low volume, and asked him to change the business from textile to food business.

Due to the grace of Swamigal, without selling his house, he has repaid his debts, and started a small tiffin hotel, and very soon his business was well established. And during his next visit, he informed about his prosperity to Swamigal, and Swamigal made a meaningful smile, which means, “I KNOW ABOUT EVERYTHING HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE”, and blessed him.

Let us praise KanchiSwamigal and be blessed.


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  1. Raman Crn says:

    Nice sharing about maha periyava. Love this