Quarrels, Tensions, Worries

Nowadays in the present day life, quarrels, tensions and worries are happening in our regular course of life. People are making fights and quarreling with each other for small, small things, and due to that, they are committing murders also. Some bad people would get tensed for very small things, and they would attack others. Due to that, they would have to spend their most part of life in prison only.

If we read in newspapers, people are committing crimes for very small matters, and as a result, they are losing their happiness and peacefulness. Worrying after doing wrong things, would never change their life. Maintaining patience and showing kindness alone would make our life to get prospered. Frequent tensions and worries would throw us in the hospital bed.

Generally people would get tensed while they are discharging their official duties, and they get scared from their bosses, and due to that, they would even take only a little breakfast in the morning, and run to their offices through their own vehicles or through the government bus services. As soon as they reach the offices, they would get very much tensed, and expect their bosses in a shivering mood. They would even forget themselves, and keep on thinking about that day’s work. Some people would commit lot of mistakes while doing their office work due to nervousness. Instead of getting tensed, they must do their work in a slow and steady manner, and they must also realize that

Some staffs would get afraid of losing their jobs, and they would be thinking always about that. Even they would try to create sympathy on them with their employers. But in this present day competitive world, we can’t expect sympathy from the employers. In most of the companies, the system of Hire and Fire policy is strictly adopted.

According to the owners of the organization, they need only sincere, dutiful and honest people, and they didn’t like to recruit nervous and dull people. Some employees would quarrel with their employers, if they dislike their nature of job, and even fight with them. Doing such kind of things is not appreciable. Some employers would feel pity on their dull employees, and they would give sufficient time for them to improve in their work. But even after the extended period, if they didn’t perform up to the expectation of their bosses, they would be thrown out mercilessly by the employers. Hence in general we must come out from our tensions and worries, work hard, in order to lead a successful, honest and happy life.

Let us pray to the almighty for giving us a tension free and disease free life.


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