Pushpa Alankara Seva | Offering Flower Garlands to Deities

Pushpa Alankara Seva

Pushpa Alankara Seva

Pushpa Alankara Seva is performed in temples, by adorning different kinds of flowers to the deity. This Seva is being done for several hundreds of years by the devotees, and from the life history of Andal Nachiyar, we can know, that daily she used to adorn flower garlands to Lord Vishnu, at the Ranganatha Swamy Temple, and due to her selfless service to the god, in course of time, she has merged with Lord Vishnu.This kind of Seva is welcomed by the gods and goddesses itself, since it is an excellent divine service.

In the Tirumala Temple, Lord Venkateswara is adorned with fragrant flower garlands consisting of flowers like rose and other beautiful flowers. After placing the garlands in the body of the god, we can see the divine smile from the face of Lord Venkateshwara, who silently tells, “IAM ACCEPTING IT”.Those who perform this Seva,would get good health, wealth and all kinds of prosperity in their lives. Ancient Shaivite Saints and Alvars have attained salvation by doing this Seva. In temples like, Tirumala and Srisailam, there is a separate Pushpa Alankara Seva Endowment scheme. Devotees can pay the prescribed amount to the temple office, and that amount would be kept in fixed deposits maintained by the temple authorities, and with the interest amount, this Seva would be performed for several years in the names of the devotees.

Ancient kings and queens have regularly done this noble activity, and with the help of the servants, every day morning they used to pluck the flowers from their palace garden, and they had willingly offered it to the deities. Similarly at this present period also, we must have to regularly offer the flowers and flower garlands to the temple deities and also we should put some flowers to the gods and goddesses pictures in our puja room, while performing puja, in order to get the grace of the almighty.


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