Pallaki Seva | Procession on Palanquin

Pallaki Seva at TTD Temple

Pallaki Seva at TTD Temple

Pallaki also called as Palanquin, is a metal or wooden seat usually made out of gold and silver, and two handles would be attached in both sides of the Pallaki. Ancient kings and queens used to sit in the Pallaki, and their attendants would lift it in their shoulders. Pallaki was used in ancient times by the royal people in order to travel comfortably to various places.

Similar to Horse and bullock cart transport, this is another mode of transport, and in this type of transport, instead of animals, humans used to carry it. The details about Pallaki were mentioned in our ancient Puranas and Ithihasas, and in that, it was stated,that some saints and sages also were travelled in the Pallaki, during their travel to holy places.

Pallaki Seva is a type of Seva in which the Utsava idols of the deities would be placed in the Palanquin, and it would be lifted by the temple staffs and also by the devotees. For participating in this Seva, the devotees have to pay a prescribed amount in the Temple office, and after that, during the stipulated time,the devotees can take part in the Pallaki Seva, by carrying the Pallaki on their shoulders. Those who suffer from body pain and from neck and shoulder pain can take part in this nice Seva, in order to get relieved from their ailments.

In Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Pallaki Seva would take place on a daily basis, and during the time of Pallaki procession, the devotees would loudly chant the mantra, “OM SRI RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA”, and “OM SRI BHAKTA PRAHALADAYA NAMAHA”. As a thanks giving act, devotees would participate in this event, and would eagerly lift the Pallaki on their shoulders.

At this present point of time, it is suggested for the devotees to participate in various Sevas like Unjal Seva, Pallaki Seva, Annadana Seva, Go seva and Vastra Seva. Whenever we participate in any type of Sevas, we must have to do it willfully, and by showing our sincere faith and devotion on the almighty.


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