Garuda Seva | Garuda Vahana Seva

Garuda Seva is an auspicious Seva which is performed in the Vishnu temples. In Tirumala, Garudu Seva is performed during Brahmotsavam Festival days. As per ancient legend, when Lord Srinivasa, who resides in Tirumala, wanted to dwell in the Seven Hills, and, as per his orders, Lord Garuda through his divine powers, had brought the […]

Pushpa Alankara Seva | Offering Flower Garlands to Deities

Pushpa Alankara Seva is performed in temples, by adorning different kinds of flowers to the deity. This Seva is being done for several hundreds of years by the devotees, and from the life history of Andal Nachiyar, we can know, that daily she used to adorn flower garlands to Lord Vishnu, at the Ranganatha Swamy […]

Pallaki Seva | Procession on Palanquin

Pallaki also called as Palanquin, is a metal or wooden seat usually made out of gold and silver, and two handles would be attached in both sides of the Pallaki. Ancient kings and queens used to sit in the Pallaki, and their attendants would lift it in their shoulders. Pallaki was used in ancient times […]