Purandaradasa’s dedication towards God

Wealth that has come to one’s hands must be rededicated for service to God Himself even as water from a reservoir absorbed by the cloud is returned to the same source. The process of developing detachment is however very difficult.

Purandaradasa, an eclectic mystic of the 15th century, discarded his entire fortune at the age of 30 to preach the message of God through his music. God revealed himself before him saving him in a crisis, once again demonstrating that the Almighty would never fail to protect His devotee.

In his discourse Sri Mannargudi Sambasiva Bhagavathar said a diamond setter by profession, Purandaradasa accumulated enormous wealth through miserly habits. In the form of an old man God sought from him monetary help for his son’s Upanayanam. When there was ni response from him, the old man approached his wife and obtained her nose screw and took it away to be sold. When the mystery was cleared, the merchant regretted his past life, renounced his riches, became a disciple of a great spiritual leader and poured out through his music Panduraaga’s glory.

Purandaradasa’s musical pieces – ranging from simple structured Geetams like “Kereyeneeranu” to philosophy saturated kirtanas, emit devotional fervour. In one he says there is no use reciting the Bhagavad Gita without acting according to the codes contained therein nor is the observance of religious rites by women of any value when they show disrespect to their husbands.

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