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Sri Ramdas Navami, 20 February 2017 (Sant Samarth Ramdas Navami)

20 February 2017 is Sri Ramdas Navami (Sant Samarth Ramdas Navami). Samarth Ramdas, originally named as, Narayan Suryajipant Kulkarni Thosar, was a Marathi poet-saint of 17th century.

Sri Ramdas was born in 1606 on Sri Ram Navami and died in 1682 on Krishna Paksha Navami in Magh Month as per Marathi Calendar. Hence, it is celebrated as Sri Ramdas Navami.

Samarth Ramdas was also known as the Guru of Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj. As Sri Ramdas was a devotee of Lord Sri Ram, Hanuman and Lord Vithoba (Lord of Pandharpur), he composed many songs, poems, verses and other literature in Marathi language.

The notable compositions and literary works of Samarth Ramdas are: ‘Shri Manoche Shlok’, ‘Dasbodh’, ‘Shri Maturi Stotra’, ‘Aatmaraam’, ‘11-Laghu Kavita and Raamayan’, ‘Sukhkarta Dukhharta Varta Vighnachi’ (Ganesh Aarti), ‘Satrane Uddane Hunkaar Vadani’ to Lord Hanuman and ‘Panchanan haivahan surabhushan lila’ to Lord Vithoba.

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