Varuni Yog 2023 | Varuni Parva date, Timings in 2023

Varuni Yog (Varuni Parva) is one of the most auspicious muhurats or days as per Hindu Astrology. Starting new ventures and initiation of education and other learning practices on Varuni Parva is considered highly meritorious. Varuni Yog coincides with Shastabhisha Nakshatra.

Varuni Parva or Varuni Yoga 2023 time is: From 10.05 PM, 19 March 2023

Varuni Parva 2023 falls on Trayodasi in Krishna Paksha of Chaitra Month in North Indian Hindi calendars and in Phalgun Month as per Marathi, Kannada, Telugu & Gujarati calendars.

Those who perform Punya Snan (holy bath) along the river banks of Ganga, Godavari, Yamuna, Sindhu, and Kaveri will get rid of all their sins in this birth and will get moksha. Varanasi, Prayag Sangam at Allahabad, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Nashik & Rameswaram are the best places for Varuni Yog Punya Snan.

Chaitra Krishna Ekadasi (In North Indian Hindi calendars) is observed as Varuni Parva. The auspicious event is celebrated in three modes.. If it coincides with Shatabhisha Nakshatra, then it is referred to as Varuni Parva. If Saturday also coincides with Varuni Parva, then it is ‘Maha Varuni Parva’. If Shubha Yoga also coincides with Maha Varuni Parva then it is referred to as ‘Maha Maha Varuni Parva’.

Importance of Varuni Yog, Varuni Parva, Maha Varuni Parva & Maha Maha Varuni Parva

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  1. mahesh keskar says:

    What is the story behind this varuni yog ? Why this is to be performed ? Every hindu ritual had some reasoning behind it. Same i am asking for this. Thanks in advance for you answer.

  2. Koundinya says:

    what is varuni yog and what is its importance

  3. Ved Pandit Dinkar Soukur says:

    vaaruni yoga on 18 th march ,2015-18 to 20(or 6 pm to 7 pm)