Punya Nagari Banga Samaj Durga Puja in Pune

The Punya Nagari Banga Samaj, which was established in 1997 by a group of Bengalis in Pune has organised the 2012 Durga puja with various programs. The celebrations would be in place from 19th October 2012 till the 24 October 2012 and various cultural activities are being organised for the Puja.

The Durga Puja which was started by the organisation many years back has been readily embraced by the Bengalis and other people in general living in the nearby areas. The grand success of the first Durga Puja initiated the crystallisation process and the idea of further expansion started taking the shape. The pioneer’s effort was paid off to the fullest. It was time to formally create an organisation.

Punya Nagari Banga Samaj is now a registered non profit organisation with a goal to serve the community by organising many other religious and cultural events in order to maintain the rick Bengali as well as other regional cultural heritages originated from India and pass to the next generation.

The organisers of the festival can be contacted at the below mentioned address:

Punjya Nagari Banga Samaj

231, Jai Ganeshvishwa Complex

Vishrantwadi, Pune 411 015

Maharashtra India

email: contactpnbs@gmail.com

website:  http://www.pnbs.in

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