Basanti Puja 2021 | Basanti Pooja in Bengal

Durga Puja

Basanti Puja or Basant Navratri Durga Pooja is observed during Basant Navratri mainly in Bengal. Basant Navratri is the nine-day festival dedicated to Goddess Durga and in Bengal it is observed for last 3-5 days of Navratri. In 2021, Basanti Puja starts on April 18 and ends on April 22. In some areas, this festival […]

Aparajita Puja 2020

Durga Mata

Aparajita Puja is observed on Vijayadashami (Dussehra) during Navratri Durga Puja. In 2020, Aparajita Puja date is October 25. ‘Aparajita’ means the one who is unbeatable. It falls on Dashami in Shukla Paksha Ashwin Month. Aparajitha Devi is not a manifestation of Goddess Durga but a form which symbolizes the victory of the Goddess over […]

Nabapatrika 2020, Nabapatrika Puja in Durga Puja

Nabapatrika or Nabopatrika is one of the popular rituals during Durga Pujain Bengal, Orissa, Bangladesh, and Assam. In 2020, Nabapatrika date is 23 October. It is observed on Saptami Durga Puja every year. Nabapatrika Time in 2020 is till 8.32 AM. Nabapatrika or nine plants symbolizing the nine Goddesses of Durga Puja are taken to […]

Kalparambho for Durga Puja: Food offerings, Puja offerings & items list

Kalparambho is one of the important rituals of the Bengalis during Durga Puja in Navratri. Navaratri marks the homecoming of the Goddess Durga from her heavenly abode. It is celebrated with huge enthusiasm all over the country. The Bengalis have a very unique and elaborate ways of worshipping the Goddess. There are different rituals for […]

Kalparambho Time 2020, Muhurat for Kalparambho in Durga Puja

Kalparambho Time 2020, Muhurat for Kalparambho in Durga Puja, Kalparambho on 22 October 2020, Timings of Kalparambho Pooja… The sixth day of navaratri puja is known as Durga Puja Sashti or Maha Sashti. It is believed that it is on this day that Goddess Durga arrives to the mortal world from her heavenly abode along […]

Durga Puja 2020 begins with Maha Shashthi Puja

Durga Puja, the five-day puja to Goddess Durga, begins with Maha Shashthi Puja in West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, and Bangladesh. The festival begins with Shashthyadi Kalparambha on 22 October 2020. Usually, the first phase of Durga Puja festivities starts off with Mahalaya. In 2020, Mahalaya was on September 17 and the festivities go on till […]

Durga Visarjan 2020 | Durga idol Bisarjan after Durga Puja 2020

Durga Visarjan

Durga Visarjan (immersion / Nimajjan) is the concluding event in Durga Navratri puja or Durga Puja. In 2020, Durga Visarjan date is October 25. Generally, Durga immersion is performed on Vijaya Dashami day. In Bengal and some other North Indian states, Durga Visarjan 2020 is performed on October 26. But nowadays to prolong the festivities, […]

Durga Puja SMS in Bengali

Here are few Durga Puja SMS messages and wishes in Bengali. In 2020, Durga Puja begins on October 22 and ends on October 26. Durga Puja SMS – 1 “Dhaker tale dhunichi nachon etai prachin riti moner frame e bandhiye rekho durga pujor smriti” “Shiuli phuler gandho makha sharat akash khani kash phul r ghaser […]

Sandhi Puja 2020 Timing | Auspicious Muhurat in Durga Puja 2020

Sandhi Puja 2020 timing, Auspicious Muhurat in Durga Puja 2030 are given here. Sandhi Puja or Sandhi Kala puja is an auspicious puja in Navratri or Durga Puja. The 48 minutes of time during the ending of Durga Ashtami and starting of Mahanavami tithi is known as Sandhi Kala or Sandhi Kshan. Sandhi Puja is […]

Kanya Puja 2020 | Kumari Pooja during Navratri Durga Puja

Kanya Puja, Kumari Pooja or Kanjak Pooja, is the main ritual observed during Navratri Durga Puja. In 2020, Kanya Puja date is October 24. In some regions, Kanya Pooja is performed on Durgashtami (October 24) or on Mahanavami (October 25). During Chaitra Navaratri, Kanya Puja date is April 1. Kanya or Kumari Puja is a ritual […]

Goddess Durga’s Arrival, Departure for Navratri Durga Puja 2020

Durga on Tiger

Goddess Durga’s Arrival, Departure for Navratri Durga Puja 2020 predictions, indications… In 2020, Goddess Durga is arriving on a horse (Ashwa vahana) and will leave for Kailash on a buffalo (Mahisha). This is according to the day of Ghatasthapana of Sharadiya Navaratra. Mithila Panchag, Kashi Panchang of Varanasi, and all other Drik Siddhantha Panchangs follow […]

Navratri Durga Puja & Mesha Rashi Natives

This post on Navratri Durga Puja for Mesha Rashi natives explains about the Goddesses to be worshipped by Aries sign people. It is the best time to worship Goddess Durga and get divine blessings from her. The Mesha Rashi natives those who are Dasamahavidya Upasakas (Sadhaks), should perform ‘Tara Mahavidya Puja’. Those who perform Durga […]

Navratri 2020 Stotras, Slokas or Prayers to recite during Durga Navratri Puja

Maa Vaishnavi Devi Vishweshwari Mahamaya

Navratri 2020 Stotras, Slokas or Prayers to recite during Durga Navratri Puja – Devi or Durga is stotra priya which means the Goddess is pleased by reciting prayers and praising her with mantras. Durga Saptashati or Chandi Path or Devi Mahatmyam, Durga Chandrakala Stuthi, Durga Apada uddaraka stotram, Durga Aarti, Durga Ashtakam, Durga Sahasranama stotram, […]

Durga Navratri Puja in Bhadrakali Temple at Hanamkonda, Warangal

Durga Navratri puja in Bhadrakali Temple, Hanamkonda, is a jubilant festival celebrated for nine festive days. Durga Navaratri puja 2020 starts on October 17 and ends on October 25 with Dasara. Badrakali – the Goddess of prosperity is situated in Hanamkonda, Warangal district of Telangana. Badrakali is the terrible form of Goddess Durga Devi. According […]

9 colours of Navratri 2021 | Dresses to wear in Navratri 2021

Navratri Colours 2021, 9 colours of Durga Navratri 2021, Dresses to wear in Navratri 2021, saree colours for Navratri 2021, Daily colors of Navratri Durga Puja is given here. In Maharashtra and Gujarat, women wear nine colors of sarees during Navratri. The tradition of 9 colours during Navratri Puja is very common in Gujarat, Maharashtra […]

Maha Ashtami Upvaas 2020 | Durga Ashtami Upvaas

23 October 2020 is Maha Ashtami Upvaas. It is an important fasting day during Navratri Durga Puja. Also known as Durga Ashtami Upvaas, it falls on the same day of Durga Ashtami. On Maha Ashtami day in 2020, Saraswati Balidaan / Visarjan, Ekratrotsa, Sri Mahalakshmi Jaagar Kolhapur, Bhadrakali Avataar,  Mata Kalratri Puja as a part […]

Dashain 2020 dates, Dasain Festival 2020 in Nepal

Dashain is the most celebrated and the biggest festival of Nepal, Bhutan and some North Eastern states of India. Dashain festival starts on October 17 with Ghatsthapana and ends on 26 October with Vijayadashami Tika or Bijayadashami. Tika and Jamara will continue till 30 October in 2020. Dasain 2020 dates – Dashain 2020 Calendar or […]

Durga Ashtami 2020 | Mahashtami Puja, Veerashtami

Durga Ashtami Puja, Durgashtami, Mahashtami, Veerashtami, is the main festival in Durga Navratri Pooja. Durga Ashtami is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Ashtami in Ashwin month or Ashwayuja masam. In 2020, Durga Ashtami date is October 24. Rituals, Customs and Pujas to observe on Durgashtami Goddess Mahagauri is the Navadurga mata to worship on Durgashtami day. Maha […]

Mahanavami 2020 | Maha Navami Puja during Durga Navratri

Mahanavami is the culmination day of Navratri. It falls on ninth day of Navratri in Ashwin Month. Mahanavami is celebrated on Ashwin Shukla Paksha Navami, the ninth day of Durga Navratri. In 2020, Mahanavami date is October 24 during Sharad Navratri and April 2 in Chaitra Vasant Navratri. Maha Navami is the last day of […]