Pumsavana Samskara

Pumsavana Samskara is the second among Solah Sanskar (16 Sankaras) mentioned in Hindu Scriptures. It is performed after the Garbhadana Samskara, when symptoms of a woman becoming pregnant are evident then for mental development and purification of the child, the Pumsavana Samskara is performed.

According to the ‘Paraskara Gruhya Sutra’, in the second or third month, after the symptoms of the pregnancy are evident, Pumsavana Samskara is performed.

Pumsavana Samskara is an essential Sanskar in 16 Sanskaras in Hindu Dharma. It is performed in Shubha Nakshatra (auspicious star constellation) for overall development of the child in the womb of mother.

During this Sanskara, along with Agni Puja, Ishtadev Puja or Kuldevi Puja (Kuladevata Puja) is also performed. After the puja, Brahmins are offered Dakshina and other material.

16 Sankaras in Hindu Dharma

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