Sathabhishekam | Celebration of 80th Birthday

The celebration of the 80th Birthday by the Hindu couple is known as Sathabhishekam. When a person completes his 80th year, then sathabhishekam is performed, based on the own interest of the couple. Similar to performing Sashtiapthapoorthi (when a person completes his 60th year) and Bheemarada Sandhi (when a person completes his 70th year), Sathabhishekam […]

Seemantham, Seemanthonayan Sanskar (Godhbharai)

Seemantham, Seemanthonayan Sanskar (Godhbharai), Srimantham or Simantkaran Samskara is the 3rd of 16 Sanskaras (Solah Sanskar) in Hindu Dharma. The main objective of Seemantham is to get Saubhagya (long life of husband) and to prevent premature abortion and to protect the pregnant mother along with the growth of the child in the womb. In South […]

16 Hindu Samskaras

The Samskaras, are a series of rituals and sacrifices that mark the various states of the human’s life. Starting from Garbhadhana Samskara till the Antyeshti Samskara, each and every Samskara represents a stage of the human’s life. Solah Samskaras are significantly performed in Brahmins communities. As per the scriptures, Dvija (twice-born – Brahmins) are essentially […]

Pumsavana Samskara

Pumsavana Samskara is the second among Solah Sanskar (16 Sankaras) mentioned in Hindu Scriptures. It is performed after the Garbhadana Samskara, when symptoms of a woman becoming pregnant are evident then for mental development and purification of the child, the Pumsavana Samskara is performed. According to the ‘Paraskara Gruhya Sutra’, in the second or third […]