16 Hindu Samskaras

The Samskaras, are a series of rituals and sacrifices that mark the various states of the human’s life. Starting from Garbhadhana Samskara till the Antyeshti Samskara, each and every Samskara represents a stage of the human’s life. Solah Samskaras are significantly performed in Brahmins communities. As per the scriptures, Dvija (twice-born – Brahmins) are essentially […]

Pumsavana Samskara

Pumsavana Samskara is the second among Solah Sanskar (16 Sankaras) mentioned in Hindu Scriptures. It is performed after the Garbhadana Samskara, when symptoms of a woman becoming pregnant are evident then for mental development and purification of the child, the Pumsavana Samskara is performed. According to the ‘Paraskara Gruhya Sutra’, in the second or third […]