Puja Articles

Puja articles

Puja articles

Puja Articles are very essential and valuable items which would be permanently kept in our puja room. Puja Articles are mostly used by the temple priests, since only with these things they are able to do all kinds of pujas and Abhisekhams to the deities. In ancient times, when a pontiff from a mutt travels to various holy temples, as a part of their spiritual practice, they used to take the required puja materials also along with them. Wherever they go, they would use these sacred materials for performance of puja to the deities.

Ancient kings have donated lot of puja articles to various saints and to the temples, as a part of showing their respect to the almighty. Various types of lamps are available for performance of puja in our homes, and in Chennai, there are lot of puja items shops in T.Nagar and Mylapore area. And if we browse in the Internet, we could find lot of good shops selling puja items. Puja must be performed compulsorily in our houses, in order to chase away the evil spirits from our houses, and also to make a way for Ma Lakshmi Devi to permanently dwell in our homes.

As per our holy Puranas, Pujas are performed since Vedic times, and even the demons like Ravana and Vibhishana had regularly performed puja to the Shivalingam. Bhakta Prahlada had got the habit of performing puja to his beloved god Narasimha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, by using puja items made out of silver and gold metals.

But in case of poor devotees, if they are unable to purchase costly puja materials, even if they recite the names of the god,that itself would please the great almighty, and would give good results to them, similar to performing puja using costly puja items.

But nowadays, in some families, due to their busy schedule, they are performing puja in a faster manner, even without uttering proper mantras. But they have to allocate some time for doing the daily puja activities, since performing puja is more than that of doing our daily routine works.


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