Puja Articles

Puja Articles are very essential and valuable items which would be permanently kept in our puja room. Puja Articles are mostly used by the temple priests, since only with these things they are able to do all kinds of pujas and Abhisekhams to the deities. In ancient times, when a pontiff from a mutt travels […]

Kamandalu | Kamandalam | The Holy Pot

Kamandalu also called as Kamandalam is a holy pot, usually kept by the saints and the sages, and it is made out of metal or wood. Sacred water would be stored in the Kamandalam, and ancient sages mostly use it whenever they want to curse or give boons to others. Ancient sages like Vasishta, Atri, […]

Danda | Yoga Dandam | Meditation Stick | Brahma Dandam

Dhandam also known as Yoga dandam or Brahma dandam is a special and sacred wooden stick which is mostly used by ancient sages and saints, andit is used by them for free flow of breath and acts as a support for their hands while doing meditation. The Meditation Stick is an ancient object, which would […]