Prayutha Chandi Yagam

Ayutha Chandiyagam invitation 2

Ayutha Chandiyagam invitation 2

What is Prayutha Chandi Yagam? Significance, procedure of Prayutha Chandi Yagam..

In Sanskrit ‘Ayutha’ means ten thousand whereas ‘Prayutha’ means ten lakh. The priests repeat hymns for ten lakh times during the yagam.

After his historical Ayutha Chandi Yogam, the Chief Minister Telangana KCR has announced that he will perform Prayutha Chandi Yagam if his wish of ‘Bangaru Telangana’ comes true in coming years. The 2,000 rithviks who participated and supervised the five-day ritual blessed KCR the principal performer of the Yagam and his family.

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