Chandi Homam, Chandi Yagam

Chandi Homa is one of the most powerful homas performed to worship Goddess Durga. She removes all the obstacles in the life caused by the navagrahas and will bless you with a prosperous life.

It is usually performed at temples of Goddess Durga. The important ritual in this homa involves the recitation of the Durga Saptashati which are the 700 powerful mantras of Goddess Durga.

Benefits of Chandi Homam

By performing this homa, all the sufferings of the individual are removed. It is said that chanting Durga Saptashati 5 times will remove the malefic effects of the nine planets, 7 times will destroy all the fears,11 times will bring in a magnetic personality to fascinate everyone and chanting it 16 times will attract 16 kinds of wealth. It is recommended to to perform this homa once in a year to attain success in life.

Chandi Homam Procedure

Chandi is considered the mother of all the Gods and in Markandeya purana, Vedavyasa explains about Goddess Chandika in 13 chapters consisting of 700 shlokas called the Chandi Saptashati or the Durga Saptashati. During the Chandi homa, ten Durga Saptashati parayanas should be done and various items like rice, milk, jaggery, sesame, a saree, saffron, kumkum, fruits, flowers and other items are offered into the sacrificial fire.

Along with the Durga saptashati, Devi Sooktam, Durga Sooktam, Shri Sooktam and other mantras are recited during the homa. Also the Suvasini Puja, Kannika Puja and Dampati Puja are also done during the homa.

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  1. lakshmi says:

    Can we perform the chandi homam at our home or should we do this in the temple. Our priest asked us to perform the nava chandi homam, is it the same chandi homam you have described here or is it something different. Please clarity on this matter at the earliest

  2. Varma says:

    We have performed the chandi homam in the temple and i cant just explain in words the chandi homa benefits after performing this havan. we participated with full family and it was a great experience . If anyone is interested I can send you the complete chandi homam procedure as per rituals.

  3. prasad says:

    My wife wants to perform the chandi yagna, Can you mention the chandi homam cost for one family of five people. I have heard that chandi homam benefits are huge and want to do it next month.

  4. Sarojini says:

    When you perform chandi homam, you will get relief from all your problems and you will feel comfortable. As per my suggestion you can do chandi homa at temple as it is said to be more pure than your house. You will get more benefits.

  5. Kanu says:

    how to worship nava chandi homa after homam

  6. Moti says:

    can we do durga homam in the house

  7. Roopak says:

    can nava chandi homam be performed at home or at temple

  8. Deepali says:

    Cost of performing Nava chandi yagna in indian rupees

  9. Nishar says:

    how much does it cost to do nava chandi homam

  10. Bharadwaj says:

    early months of pregnancy want to perform homam

  11. Adhira says:

    what are the benefits of chandi homam in srisailam

  12. Tarakesh says:

    how much cost will get for to do chandika homa and shatharudra chandika maha yaaga

  13. Misha says:

    the readings at the chandi homam in telugu

  14. srilatha says:

    could u please send me the details to me.

  15. K Veera Sailu baba says:

    I want to do nava chandi yagam but no how it doo are how much cost please sand details.

  16. Surendra PSS says:

    can any one tell me the difference between chandi homam and chandi yaagam ? and one more doubt is, can we chant this mantras with out doing any homam ?


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  18. bayapareddy says:


    Can you please send chandi homam procedure at srisailem to my mail id

  19. surpreet chopra says:

    10 Chandi homa together is one chandi yagya. Like wise shat chandi yagya is 100 homams and 10 yagya. Sahasr chandi Is 1000 homa and 100 yagya