Prashad in Puja | Prasad to God

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-156

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-156

Prasad means an offering to the god, and it may be food items made up of rice, jaggery, pulses etc. Generally after offering it to the god, it would be distributed among the devotees. Whatever may be the type of food items, it must be offered to the deities with utmost devotion on them.

Most of the temples are allowing the devotees to bring the Prasad prepared from their home, and making them to offer it to the god, and allowing them to be distributed among the devotees.

In Perumal temples, Tamarind rice, Pongal and Curd rice Prasad is commonly offered to the deities, and in some temples, they have fixed some price for that. If we pay the prescribed amount, they themselves would prepare the food items and offer it to the god, and to us and to all the devotees in the temples, based on the quantity of the food items. In TTD, Laddu is the most known Prasad item, and it was practicable for several hundred years.

For Lord Vinayaka, Kozhukattai, is the most favourite item, and it is believed that by offering Kozhukattai to Lord Vinayaka, during Chathurthi days, we would be blessed, and attain all kinds of riches in our life.

During Aadi month, Kuzh and Pongal preparation would be done commonly in all the Amman temples, irrespective of the size of the temples. Devotees would eagerly wake up early in the morning, and start preparing the delicious Kuzh and Pongal, and delightfully would offer it to the holy mother, AdiParashakti Amman.

Since several centuries, offering Holy Prasad is common in all the temples, and we can read it from ancient Puranas and other Holy scriptures. While preparing Prasad for the deities, it is advisable to prepare one sweet item also, in order to get sweetness in our life.

Hence let us try to make the Holy Prasad during festival days, and offer it to the god, in order to attain all kinds of prosperities in our life.


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