Dasara Navaratri Naivedyams List 2022 | Dasara Prasadams

Dasara Navaratri, the jubilant festival of Maa Durga, is celebrated from Ashwayuja Shukla Padyami to Ashwayuja Shukla Dashami (Dasara). In 2022, Dasara Navaratri begins on September 26 and ends on October 5. During the nine days of Navaratri, Goddess Durga is adorned and worshipped in the form of nine different Goddesses and each Goddess is […]

इन चीज़ों का भोग लगाने पर देवी-देवता होते है जल्दी प्रसन्न | भगवन के प्रिय भोग | Bhagvan Ke Priya Bhog


इन चीज़ों का भोग लगाने पर देवी-देवता होते है जल्दी प्रसन्न भगवन के प्रिय भोग : हिंदू धर्म में भोजन करते समय सात्विकता के अलावा अच्छी भावना और अच्छे वातावरण और आसन का बहुत महत्व माना गया है। यही कारण है कि सिर्फ इंसान ही नहीं देवता भी भोजन का खास ख्याल रखने पर जल्दी […]

Before Consuming, Offer Food Items to God


Before Consuming, Offer Food Items to God… Before consuming any food items, whether it may be of sweet or salty items, let us first offer it to the god, by keeping the food items on our puja room at least for some time. After a few minutes only, we must have to open our puja […]

Kozhukattai | Favorite food item for Lord Vinayaka (Pillayar)

Kozhukattai is a famous South Indian food, and it is made out of rice flour, coconut and jaggery. Kozhukattai can also be made in different varieties, such as sweet and salt. Kozhukattai is also called as Modakam in North India. In Tamil Nadu, this food item is related with lord Vinayaka, and it would be […]

Prashad in Puja | Prasad to God

Prasad means an offering to the god, and it may be food items made up of rice, jaggery, pulses etc. Generally after offering it to the god, it would be distributed among the devotees. Whatever may be the type of food items, it must be offered to the deities with utmost devotion on them. Most […]

Navaratri Sundal | Naivedyams for Navaratri in Tamil Nadu

Navarathri is an auspicious festival which would be celebrated for a continuous period of nine days. Among various Hindu festivals, Navarathri festival occupies a significant place in Hinduism, since this festival is celebrated by keeping golu dolls in our homes, and also by preparing various varieties of delicious sundal. Sundal is made out of various […]