Power of Mantras | Significance of Divine Mantras

Guru Shishya in Vedic Times

Guru Shishya in Vedic Times

Recitation of Divine Mantras is common in Hindu Ceremonies, and in Temple worship. And Vedic scholars and Purohits would recite the mantras as their part of occupation.

During the times of drought, Varuna Homam would be done in the temples, and the mantras of Lord Varuna Deva would also be recited, for the showering of the rain. Mantras recitation would even remove the sickness from a person’s body, and he would be healed sooner.

Similar to that, lot of good things would occur in our life, by reciting the divine mantras regularly.

1. If we recite Lord Varuna Bhagavan’s mantra, being the water god, he would relieve us from the water related diseases like cold, cough, urine infections and diabetes, and he would safeguard us especially during our sea travels.

2. If we recite Lord Vayu Bhagavan’s mantra, being the wind god, he would relieve us from digestion problems, heart attack and sudden deaths.

3. If we recite the Agni Deva Mantra, he would safeguard us from fire accidents, and relieve us from ulcers and from Tumors.

4. If we recite the Indra Mantra, we would be blessed with all sorts of comforts and luxuries in our life, and all of our desires would be fulfilled by the great Lord Sri Indra Bhagavan.

5. If we recite Mata Seethala Devi Mantra, she would relieve us from measles and poxes, and from severe viral diseases.

6. If we recite Kala Bhairava Mantra, he would safeguard us from our enemies, and come with us in our every walk of life.

7. If we recite Lord Saneeswara Mantra, he would relieve us from the Sani Doshams.

8. If we recite Lord Dhanvantri Mantra, we would become healthier.

9. If we recite Lord Yama Dev Mantra, we would get a painless death, and death fear would be removed from our mind.

10. If we worship and chant the divine mantra of Lord Chitragupta, small sins committed by us would be erased from our life account.

11. If we recite Lord Hanuman’s Mantra, we would get great strength in mind and body.

12. If we recite Lord Rama’s Mantra, we would get all kinds of prosperity in this earth, and after our death, we would get SALVATION.

13. If we recite the Trimurtis and the Tridevi Mantra, we would get great spiritual powers, and our mental worries and confusions would be permanently removed, and we would be a blessed person in the world.

14. If we chant the Ganesa Mantra, we would get a permanent place in the Ganesha Loka.

15. If we chant the Muruga Mantra, we would be relieved from the evil effects of the planetary positions.

16. If we chant the Ayyappa Mantra, all of our sins would be removed, and we would attain a spiritual state.

17. If we worship the entire Navagrahas, the evil effects caused by them, would be reduced to certain extent, in our life.

18. If we recite the Kubera Mantra, we would get sufficient wealth, and our life would prosper.

19. If we worship the great saints like Raghavendra Swamy and Shirdi Sai Baba, they would properly guide us in our daily life, and gives us enlightenment.

20. If we worship the divine star Dhruva, he would take us to the spiritual path, and make us to live a sin free life.

21. If we worship the Saptarishis, their blessings would protect us like a protective shield and safeguard us throughout our life.

We can also chant the “OM” Mantra, in order to get good fortunes in our life, since the vibration of the “OM” Mantra, would reach all the divine gods and goddesses and we would get positive results in our life. Apart from reciting the mantras of the deities, we have to do lot of charitable activities such as giving food, clothing and shelter to the poor people etc.

Hence let us always do good things in our life, and keep the regular habit of reciting the Divine Mantras and be blessed.

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