Merits & Beneficial results of Mantras

What are the merits or beneficial results of Mantras? Why we chant mantras and what advantages we get? There will be a Phalasruti (one / few slokas stating the merits of chanting the particular mantra) for each stotra or mantra.

The most enviable and extraordinary gifts which mankind has been endowed with, in contrast to animals and birds, are the privilege to chant Mantras, offer prayers and worship God and the exercise of an absolute control over dietary habits.

Mantras, Which are everlasting and efficacious, have a spell-binding effect and a toning impact on the human mind and help achieve mental peace. Manu’s code emphasises the purificatory and propitiatory aspects of the Mantras to cleanse one’s hearts.

An elaborate account of the rituals connected with the wedding of Sri Rama with Sri Sita is contained in the Ramayana to explain to Posterity the need to cherish and practice them. Sri Rama scrupulously went through the formalities prescribed in the Sastras and the entire universe echoed with joy over the union of the Lord and the Divine Mother brought about by Sage Viswamitra.

In his discourse Sri Sengalipuram Anantarama Dikshitar referred to the great import which each syllable of the Mantras uttered during marriages carried with it and pointed out how they were intended to welcome the bride into the new household and gave directions for her future behaviour. Marriage symbolise a total identification of the thoughts and deeds of the husband and wife and was an unbreakable and irrevocable bond.

Returning to Ayodhya, Sri Rama got trained in administration. He was soft -spoken, compassionate, gentle and considerate towards citizens and shard their joys and sorrows. He honored scholars and respected the aged. Never did He depart from Traditions nor give room for untruth. He won such universal approbation that Dasaratha’s decision to step down from the throne and make Him Emperor was heartily applauded.

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