Is there any Mantra to earn a lot of money without putting much effort

How can I earn a lot of money without putting too much effort? Is there any mantra? This is how the scams begin (laughter). You have heard about all the scams, isn’t it? There are plenty of them, one after another, every month. No, don’t go for quick money; you will lose it also that […]

Power of Mantras | Significance of Divine Mantras

Guru Shishya in Vedic Times

Recitation of Divine Mantras is common in Hindu Ceremonies, and in Temple worship. And Vedic scholars and Purohits would recite the mantras as their part of occupation. During the times of drought, Varuna Homam would be done in the temples, and the mantras of Lord Varuna Deva would also be recited, for the showering of […]

Merits & Beneficial results of Mantras

What are the merits or beneficial results of Mantras? Why we chant mantras and what advantages we get? There will be a Phalasruti (one / few slokas stating the merits of chanting the particular mantra) for each stotra or mantra. The most enviable and extraordinary gifts which mankind has been endowed with, in contrast to animals and […]