Playing Games with Almighty

God has given privilege to play games only with very few of his devotees, and among them are the Pandavas, who lived during the previous Dwapara Yuga, and Sri Hathiram Bhavaji. In the previous Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna used to play dice game with the Pandavas as a part of entertainment activity. In this present Kaliyuga, during the 15th century AD, Lord Venkateshwara, a form of Lord Vishnu, used to play dice game with his sincere devotee Bhavaji at Tirumala.

Lord Krishna at the time of his childhood, played hide and seek game with his foster mother Yashoda, his Yadava friends and also with the pious Gopikas. Playing dice game with Lord Vishnu and with others is entirely different. If we play the dice game with the almighty, we would not lose anything, and instead of that, we would gain a lot in our life. Whereas if we play the dice game with others, we would lose our happiness as well as we may lose our entire wealth also.

In some temples, we can see the idol of cricket Vinayaka, who looks very young, and he has a cricket bat on his hand. Cricket Vinayaka is mostly worshipped by the Cricket players, and most of them would regularly worships him before the start of the cricket match. Young school children also would worship him before writing their examinations.

According to Puranas, it is also mentioned that Lord Shiva and Parvati had played dice game together, and they also made Lord Vishnu as the witness for the game. According to Vinayaka Purana, Vallalan, a small child, who was a great devotee of Lord Vinayaka, used to worship the idol of Lord Vinayaka, who was seated under a Vanni tree in a garden, with his favourite Arugampul, a type of grass which is adorned for Lord Vinayaka, and also would fetch flowers from the nearby gardens, and would adorn it to Lord Vinayaka.

Daily he used to do milk abishekham to Vinayaka by chanting the various names of the first god. On one day, he didn’t find any friends for helping him to perform the Vinayaka Puja, and hence he began to meditate on Lord Vinayaka. Immediately Lord Vinayaka was transformed in the form of a fat Brahmin boy, appeared before him, and helped Vallala to perform puja and abhishekham to Vinayaka.

If we show sincere bhakti on the almighty, then he also would play games with us at least during our dreams, and would prosper our life.


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