Pigeon | Rati Devi’s Vehicle

Pigeons are considered as very sacred birds, and they are believed to be the divine vehicle of Mata Rati Devi, the consort of the love god Kama Deva. People would wear the pigeon pendants in their necklaces for quick marriages and for better prosperity in their life.

Lovers belonging to different castes would prefer to wear the pigeon pendants in order to get married each other without any troubles. Pigeons are also used as a spy by the ancient kings, and they would tie a piece of paper containing the message to be delivered in the legs of the pigeons, and the pigeons would correctly deliver the messages to the appropriate persons.

Pigeons are also used for racing similar to horse races. Pigeons are mostly killed for meat, and doing such a cruel act by the people, would force Mata Rati Devi to punish them severely. They are very soft and gentle birds compared with other birds. Pigeons would never cause harm to us, even if we harm them. It is a lovely bird, which must be preserved and protected by us. They would mostly eat food grains and fruits, and rarely would consume insects.

We can adopt pigeons as our pet birds, and we can take care of them properly by providing sufficient food items to them. Wherever it goes, it would return safely to our home in the evenings, and would raise an affectionate sound, and it means that “I AM ARRIVED, DON’T GET WORRIED”.

Hence let us adopt pigeons as our pet birds, and get the grace of Mata Rati Devi, who is also considered as an aspect of Mata Parvati Devi.


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