Divine Teachings of King Mahabali

Bali vamana story

Bali vamana story

Teachings of King Mahabali… King Mahabali is also known as Bali is the son of Virochana and he was a noble Daitya King. He is the grandson of Bhakta Prahlada. The festival of Onam is celebrated in Kerala towards honouring him and welcoming him to the homes of the kerala people.

Mahabali was the son of Devamba and Virochana. He grew up under the guidance of his grandfather, Prahlada, who helped him to lead the spiritual path. He learnt all the divine scriptures at his younger age itself, and was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, similar to his father and grandfather.

According to the famous malayalee song, during Mahabali’s rule all the people were equally treated and every one lived happily and peacefully without any problems in their life.

It is said that Kerala state was declared as a blessed state during the reign of King Bali. Everybody in his kingdom lived without any miseries and sorrows and there was no caste discrimination among the people. No crime was reported during his rule. There was no poverty, sickness and mental problems during the golden rule of the great king Mahabali.

As per the wishes of Lord Vamana, an aspect of Lord Vishnu, Mahabali left his kingdom, went to the underworld along with his grandfather, Sri Prahaladar, and his people, and still he resides in the Sutala Loka, and efficiently rules his kingdom.


1.Believe in Lord Vishnu, keep thinking about him always, and don’t concentrate your attention on unwanted things.

2.Always think and worship Lord Narayana, for getting a bright future, remember that Lord Narayana is the Paramathma, the ultimate Brahman for the entire universe.

3.Be generous and kind to others, always act honestly and show your affection on everybody, do your work efficiently, effectively and faithfully, never becomes lazy, since dullness would lead to madness.

4.Don’t be arrogant and adamant over others. After all we are all the slaves of Lord Narayana, and he only has got the commanding power over others, he would even serve as a guardian to you, since he acts as a guardian for my kingdom present in the “SUTALA LOKA”.

5.If necessary for the purpose of doing goodness to others, we can even gift our entire wealth.

6.Only by chanting the names and the glory of Lord Vishnu, we can get SALVATION after our death.

7.Lord Vishnu is the one who creates, protects and destroys the entire universe he is the true god, who cannot be defeated by anyone.

8.We should not disturb others unnecessarily, and we should act as an example for others.

9.We should always live in the path of “DHARMA” and be righteousness throughout our life, in order to win over the hearts of the people.

The great King Mahabali’s teachings were based on the teachings of his grandfather the pure and pious, Sri Bhakta Prahalada. His teachings were very popular since ancient times.


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