Pathayathirai | Visiting Temples by Walking

Pathayathirai means visiting the temples by way of walk. Devotees used to do Pathayathirai to various temples from their homes. Most of the devotees would visit Palani and Tirupati by way of walk. This system is practicable since ancient times, and before few centuries, when there was no transportation facilities, devotees must necessarily have to walk by their foot to visit the divine deities in the temples.

Ancient middle aged and old aged people, after finishing their duties, like conducting marriages to their children and settling of their family property to their children, they would prefer to visit Kasi and Rameswaram, and some of them prefer to visit Kedarnath and Badrinath also by way of walk. At that time, in most of the places, food shelters and resting places were there.

The travellers used to eat their food in the food shelters and would take rest in the resting places, and sometimes they would be a guest in the houses of some strangers. But nowadays staying in the houses of the relatives itself is a tough task, since nowadays most of the people didn’t show much care and attention towards their relatives if they stay in their houses for more than a week.

Devotees have attained lot of benefits in their life after visiting the Tirupati and Thirutani temples by way of walk. Most of the devotees would take some food items along with them, and they would go in a troupe. During their journey, the devotees mind would be filled up with full of joy, and they would speak about their family matters as well as about devotional matters. Young children also would join in the troupe and would perform playful activities during the time of their holy walk to the temples.

Those who suffer from various diseases are suggested to visit the temples of Palani and Tirupati by way of walk. Walking to the holy temples, would purify our mind, and cleanse our body also. All the toxins would be removed from our body, and our weight also would be reduced to some extent. Spiritual energy would flow from the top to the bottom of our body, and we would get great spiritual pleasure, and all of our health issues would vanish.

After visiting the temples by way of walk, and after reaching their homes, the devotees would be sharing their wonderful experiences of their holy journey with their friends, well-wishers and their neighbours.

Hence let us visit the holy temples of Tirupati and Palani by way of walk at least once in a year and be blessed.


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