Panch Kedar, Five Holy Kedar

Panch Kedar, the holy places revered as per Hindu Dharma, are located in Uttarakhand. Here is the significance of Panch Kedar.

Lord Shiva eluded the Pandavas repeatedly and on being detected by them assumed the form of a bull. The second Pandavas Bhima tried to pick him up, but Shiva sank into the earth and only the hump came in Bhimas’s hand. Seeing their determination the lord was so pleased that he freed the Pandavas from their sin and asked them to worship his hump at Kedarnath which is the heights among the twelve Jyotirlingas.

The other parts of Shiva’s body, arms, face, navel and hair locks appeared at Tungnath, Rudranath, Madmaheswar and Kalpeshwar. These four shrines along with Shri Kedarnathji are worshipped as “Panch Kedar”. The Panch Kedar are the holy destination for all the Hindus.

Five Kedars are:

  1. Kedarnath
  2. Tungnath
  3. Rudranath
  4. Madmaheswar
  5. Kalpeshwar

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