Mata Padyawati | Disciple of Sri Ramananda

Mata Padyawati (14th century AD) was the disciple of Sri Ramananda, who was a great poet saint, and a Vishnu Devotee, who lived near the banks of the Holy River Ganges, and he was the founder of the Ramanandi Sampradaya, a popular community formed for worshipping Lord Rama.

Ramananda accepted disciples irrespective of their gender, class, caste or religion. Among his popular disciples, Kabir and Ravidas are considered as the most famous disciples. Due to her sincere bhakti on Lord Rama, Padyawati, had become the disciple of Sri Ramananda. The details about the disciples of Sri Ramananda, is mentioned in the Holy Texts.

Mata Padyawati was well known for composing divine poems on Lord Rama, and due to that, she was highly praised by her Guru Sri Ramananda, and also by the great kings and scholars who lived during her period.

Some of the verses from her poems are as follows:

1. Oh! Rama please makes us to become happy by showering your grace on us.

2. Oh! Rama, by reciting your holy Rama mantra, we would forget the sorrows and sufferings in our life, and would become more cheerful.

3. Oh! Rama, your divine beauty cannot be compared with anyone in this world.

4. Oh! Rama, through your blessings Lord Hanuman is gaining more and more power day by day.

5. Oh! Rama, you have given salvation to all the Ayodhya people during the Treta Yuga. Similar to that, please give salvation to us also.

6. I want myself to surrender in your lotus feet. Please take me to your abode, since I don’t like to take re-births.

7. You are the pious avatar of Lord Vishnu. You lived a very noble life, and acts as an example for others.

8. Your name and fame is spread in the earth and heaven.

9. Oh! The Great Rama, your divine qualities are very high and you are the god of gods, and the king of kings.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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