Chaturmaas Vrat 2017 | Chaturmas Vrata

Chaturmas Vrat or Chaturmaas Vrata or Chaturmasya Vratam, is the auspicious vrata observed for four holy months starting on Devsayan Ekadasi. In 2017, Chaturmas Vrat begins on July 4 and ends on October 31.

Chaturmaas Vrat ends on Dev Prabhodini Ekadasi or Utthana Ekadashi which falls in Kartik month. Shravan Maas, Bhadrapad Maas, Ashwin maas and Kartik maas are considered as Chaturmas or four holy months in Hinduism.

Each and every day of Chaturmaas is considered auspicious and devotees follow strict rules of consuming only vegetarian food that too selected food items, observing puja twice a day, and not talking abusive language.

Auspicious days in Chaturmas Vrat 2017

Devashayani Ekadashi – 4 July 2017 (Chaturmas Vrat begins)

Ashada Purnima – 9 July 2017 (Guru Purnima)

Kamika Ekadashi – 20 July 2017

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi – 3 August 2017

Aja Ekadashi – 18 August 2017

Parsva Parivartini Ekadashi – 2 September 2017

Indira Ekadashi – 16 September 2017

Papankusha Ekadashi – 1 October 2017

Rama Ekadashi – 15 October 2017

Devutthana Ekadashi – 31 October 2017 (Prabhodini Ekadashi)

Here are the set of rules and norms to follow during Chaturmas Vrat. You can also read Chaturmasa vratha phalam or merits (benefits) of Chaturmas vratha.

Chaturmas Vrat in Previous Years

In 2016, Chaturmas Vrat begins on July 15 and ends on November 11.

In 2015, Chaturmas Vrat begins on July 27 and ends on November 22.

In 2014, Chaturmas Vrat begins on July 8 and ends on November 4.

In 2013, Chaturmas Vrat dates were – July 19 to November 13.

Chaturmas Vrat 2012 dates were –  June 30 to 24 November 2012.

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