‘Owl’ in Hinduism | Owl – Maa Lakshmi’s Vehicle

Maa Lakshmi Owl vehicle

Maa Lakshmi Owl vehicle

An Owl is considered as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, wisdom, good luck and Fortune, and it is believed that, it provides happiness and prosperity to those people who are able to view it from their eyes.

Bengalis would give great respect to Owl, and if it comes to their home, they would offer food and water to it, and would safely hand over it to the wild life authorities. The White Barn Owl is very much respected, since it is considered as the divine vehicle of Mata Lakshmi.We can keep the picture of Ma Lakshmi who appears along with the owl in our puja room, and worship her in order to gain goodness in our life.

The owl has very good listening skills and it can see us even in darkness and shows its lovely face. It is believed, that while getting up from our bed in the morning, if we first look at an owl, that day’s job would become easier, and we would be able to get good results in that particular day.

Before starting any new ventures, marriage proposals, school and college admissions, it is better to see an owl, in order to finish our desired task properly. While visiting bird sanctuary or zoo, we can provide fruits and other suitable eatable items to the owl, after getting permission from the Zoo authorities.

Owls are able to recognize us, once we visit them, and during our next time meeting, they would give a warm welcome to us, by making a different sound, and make us as their best friend. Owls cannot be kept as pets, since doing such is not allowed by the wild life authorities. Hence we would be able to see it only on the trees and in the Sanctuaries.

Let us give great respect to the divine owl, worship Mata Lakshmi Devi and be blessed.

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