Other aspects of Vishnu that are commonly Worshipped in North India

Jagannatha is a Vaisnava deity who largely belongs to Puri in the state of Orissa which draws large number of crowds of devotees and pilgrims, mainly during the annual cart festival.

It is to be noted that the image is usually made of wood logs. One of the specialties of this deity is its prominent eyes.

It is to be noted that after every twelve years, this wood image of the lord is renewed. The image of Jagannatha largely represented as Lord Krishna and also represented as Subhadra (Krishnas sister) and Balaram.

Panduranga Vitthala is usually known as Vithoba or Vitthala. It is to be noted that at Pandharpur in Maharashtra, he is the deity of the famous Lord Vishnu temple. In most of the temples that are dedicated to this particular lord Rakumabai (Rukmini) is his consort who is standing by his left side majestically.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, Udbhavamurti is regarded as the representation of Harihara and considered to be the form of even Devi or Subrahmanya.

As Lord Ganesha in the Saiva tradition is the Visvaksena of the Vaisnava tradition. In order to avoid obstacles, the devotees and pilgrims worship this lord at the beginning of any personal and professional undertaking. According to the local legends, this lord has four hand, and holds Sankha, Chakra and Gada plus the other hand exposes Tarjanimudra (threatening finger pose). As a chief attendant or the gatekeeper of Lord Vishnu, Visvaksena is largely depicted in some temples in southern India. He is also said to be holding white lotus plus with matted long hair and sports a beard. Worldly science is represented by this Lord.

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