Orphanages & Old age Homes

Orphanages would consist of abandoned children, parent-less children and children from very poor background. Generally, orphanages would be run by service oriented charitable and non-profit organizations whose motto will be to provide good service to the helpless children.

Orphanage institutions mostly run with the donations received from the kind hearted people. Children would be provided with good food, and they will be given proper education also. Regular prayers and meditation would bring some sort of mental peace to the young children, and it will remove the stress from their mind. Some Institutions are helping their children to pursue for higher professional courses like B.E, M.B.B.S etc.

Those who give lot of troubles to their affectionate parents and harming them by verbally and by physically, would be born as an orphan in their next birth, and would not get their parents affection, throughout their life.

Similar to orphanages, lot of elderly people are getting admitted in the old age homes, mainly due to the carelessness of their children. After the children get married, and have their own children, they are losing interest with their parents, and finding them as a burden for them. Slowly they would hurt them by words, and sometimes, they may also attack them physically, and admit their parents in the old age homes. Those children would never think about the future of their parents, but would think about their own pleasure only.

The parents will have no other go, expect to stay in the old age homes, and live their lives till their end. The old age people would affectionately interact with the orphaned children, and treat them as their own grandson/granddaughter. The young ones also share their love to their affectionate abandoned grandparents.

The children must think about their parents, and must realize that things may change unfavourably for them also. Similar to them, their children also may admit them in the old age homes, in the future. They also have to face severe consequences in the future for their wrong doing. Since, no one can escape from the watchful eyes of the god.

Let us pray to the almighty to give boldness, courage and wisdom to the abandoned old ones and the young ones.


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