Ontikoppal Panchangam 2023-2024 (Mysore Panchangam)

Ontikoppal Panchangam in Kannada

Ontikoppal Panchangam in Kannada

Ontikoppal Panchangam 2023-2024 (Mysore Panchangam) is a Kannada Panchangam published by Tn Krishnaiah Setty & Sons. Ontikoppal is a locality in Mysore city and Mysore division of Karnataka.

Ontikoppal Panchangam is the most popular Kannada Panchangam.

Here is the Kannada Panchangam 2023-2024 PDF for free download. Kannada New Year begins with Ugadi festival. In 2023, Shobhakruth nama samvatsare starts on March 22.

This Kannada Panchanga 2023-2024 or Shobhakruth nama samvatsare Kannada panchanga. This Kannada Panchangam is comprised of yearly predictions (Varsha rashiphala), major Kannada festivals, holidays, auspicious days, Kannada Hindu wedding dates or marriage shubh muhuratas, Upanayana dates, Gruhapravesha dates, Surya grahana dates 2023-2024, Chandra Grahana dates 2023-2024, and daily panchanga details.



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Download Kannada Panchangam 2021-2022 (Surya Siddhantha) or Plava nama Samvatsara Panchangam from the link given in the official website of Uttaradhi Mutt / Sri Raghavendra Mutt, Mantralayam.

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  1. B V Dayananda says:

    Date on which my mother expired is 04.01.2016. Wd like to know on what date this year it falls

  2. Usha says:

    House warming dates today and tomorrow please tell me is it good

  3. Savitha says:

    30 April 2020 upanayana is auspicious need to know muhurtham time

  4. Chandra says:

    It is a request to add maandhi in the rashi kundalis in vontikoppal panchangam. I hope this message will reach the makers / writers of the panchangam.

  5. Anand says:

    New Vehical purchase in febrauty please give me good date

  6. Anand says:

    New vehical purchase date in February 2020

  7. N Suresh says:

    Can I download Vontikoppal Panchanga in pdf format on line, please give me the link. I am prepared to pay for it, if possible online

  8. Rajguru says:

    How we can download PDF for phone

  9. Ramesh says:

    All these years we were just believing that what ever is printed in the Onti Koppal Panchanga is correct, clear and complete and can be used as a standard of reference for timing of important events in the journey of life. But, it is unfortunate that the individuals responsible for the creation and distribution of this Panchanga for the year from 25/March/2020 to 12/April/2021, Sharvari Samvatsara have not taken care in publishing clear, correct, complete and error free information. For example just have a look at page no. 48 related to June 1st and 2nd 2020. On June 1st Monday the ruling yoga is written or printed as Siddha instead of Siddhi and on June 2nd 2020, Tuesday, the ruling yoga is written or printed as Vyaghatha instead of Vyatheepatha.. This is certainly because of the simple reason that the cut and paste technology might have been used by the producers of Panchanga for convenience and needed care is not observed and probably there is no presence of proof reading activity to meticulously verify the precision or accuracy of information before the actual publication. I still believe and hope that the people who are responsible for the preparation, production and distribution of this Panchanga will devote their precious resources to see that such blunders or mistakes or simple procedural errors are not continued in the Panchanga to come in future. As we keep on recommending this panchanga for others we are not sure whether we can continue to recommend the error prone panchanga to others in need.

    Kindly use this feedback as an eye opener with calm, clear and open mind.

    With Best Wishes,


  10. Lohith says:

    10.3am please tell me nakshatra rashi anta boy names belong to this rashi

  11. Kishan Kumar says:

    I am actually pained to see that the Shankara mutt announces different dates for rigveda upakarma and thebpanchanga has different dates.there is no communication I guess between these two. This year is the fourth time that there are different dates.is it not pachanga comitees onus to get the confidence of mutts fro dates. I call up the pachanga office to give this feedback and the phoen is out of order.i am rwachebel at kishanet@ gmail.com.please explain me one reason why dates r not aligned from past 4 yrs. There is also evry year confusion on ganesha visarjhan dates as well.the panchaga comitee shld takr the wonership to set the things right moving fwd as it been followed by lakhs of people

  12. Ramyababu says:

    2021 kannadada ontikoppal panchanga I want is it available

  13. A R Gopal Rao says:

    On 22nd Feb 2021 muhurtham time is given as 7.58 am to 8.10am which falls under Rahu kalam. Is it printing mistake and if so what is correct muhurta.

  14. Gopala Krishna says:

    How to download

  15. Smt. Vijaya says:

    Want to know the auspicious dates for Gruhapravesham of our house in the joint names of my son born in Revathi nakshatra, Meena Rasi and Meena Lagna and myself Swathi nakshatra , Tula Rasi, Dhanur Lagna

  16. Lakshminarayana k n says:

    December 16 even ing at 7.15 raashi nakshatra name ceremony send me by messages

  17. Pradeep says:

    ಚೈತ್ರ ಮಾಸ, ಕೃಷ್ಣಪಕ್ಷ, ದ್ವಾದಶಿ – falls on which date for the year 2021.

  18. Udaykumar says:

    Ontikkopal Panchang

  19. Bindhuraju S.S says:

    Which are best dates for Site registration in the month of February and March.
    Nakshatra: Moola
    Rashi : Dhanssu

  20. Savitha says:

    Sir my Marriage is on 24 of march 2021 .muhartham is on 10.05 am to 10.45 am is good to get marry.

  21. K.C.Medappa says:

    Auspicious time to dig Bore well tomorrow 25th February 2023

  22. Mohan says:

    March 2021 which day & time started dhanishta nakshathra

  23. A R MURALIDHAR says:

    1961 ONTIKOPPAL panchangam

  24. gangadhara ganga says:

    ಆದಾಯ & ವಯ ಪಟ ಹಾಕಿ

  25. Jagannatha says:

    Agni Nakshatra Dosha Nivrutti date is missing in this year’s Panchanga. Beginning is indicated as 04.05.21.
    So the end should be on 01.06.21

  26. V.surendra Babu. says:

    Which word for name birthday at 4.28 pm jul y 2023

  27. Janardhana says:

    Tell me how will be my marriage life

  28. hrramachandra says:

    Dear sirs, Can you please upload two pages 1) For date 3rd June 1966 and 2), 29th Nov 1994, from Mysore Vontikoppal Panchanga on my email id hrramachandra@gmail.com. and obliege Thanks H R Ramachandra

  29. Veerabhadrappa says:

    Is 24th March’22 is auspicious for marriage ?

  30. S N SRIDHARACHAR says:


    I missed your 2022-23 plavanama panchanga, i enquired where not but could not find one.

    I will bear the costs of postage or whatever, please send me on copy of 2022-23 plavanama panchanga kannada
    MY address
    SN Sridhar,
    No17/1 SRI KRISHNA
    tEL NO. 8197404785/LL-080-23560243

  31. Harsha Vardhan says:

    Sir I need 1985 panchanga

  32. H S Satyanarayana says:

    Unfortunate that the Onti Koppal Panchanga 2023-2024 is not available even on line