Kannada Panchanga 2014-2015 PDF Download, Kannada Panchangam

Kannada Panchangam 2015-2015 Download, PDF of Kannada Panchangam 2014-2015, Kannada Panchangam 2014-2015 PDF download for free.

Here is the Kannada Panchangam 2014-2015 PDF for free download. Kannada New Year begins with Ugadi festival. In 2014, Vijaya nama samvatsare starts on March 31.

Download Kannada Panchangam 2014-2015 (Surya Siddhantha) or Vijaya nama Samvatsara Panchangam from the link given in the official website of Sri Raghavendra Mutt, Mantralayam.

You can also download Drigganitha Kannada Panchangam 2014-2015 PDF here for free.

This Kannada Panchanga 2014-2015 or Jaya nama samvatsare Kannada panchanga in PDF for free download is provided by Sri Raghvendra Mutt of Mantralayam.

Uttaradhi Mutt and Raghavendra Math Kannada Panchangams are comprised of yearly predictions (Varsha rashiphala), major Kannada festivals, holidays, auspicious days, Kannada Hindu wedding dates or marriage shubh muhuratas, Upanayana dates, Gruhapravesha dates, Surya grahana dates 2014 – 2015, Chandra Grahana dates 2014-2015, and daily panchanga details.

You can also download Uttaradhi Math Kannada Panchangam 2014-2015 – Link


Download Kannada Panchangam 2013-2014 (Surya Siddhantha) or Vijaya nama Samvatsara Panchangam from the link given in the official website of Sri Raghavendra Mutt, Mantralayam.

You can also download Drigganitha Kannada Panchangam 2013-2014 PDF here for free.

Kannada Panchanga 2012-2013 also includes masa karthavya (what to do during Adhika maasa), and other monthly duties, rules and codes.

You can also download Uttaradhi Mutt Kannada Panchangam 2012-2013 PDF for free

Here, you can also download Sringeri Sharada Peetham Kannada Panchanga 2012-2013 PDF for free

Click here to download Mantralam Raghavendra swamy Mutt Kannada Panchanga 2011-2012 PDF for free

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  1. Srinath, you can get the panchanga details for everyday and monthly panchangam from this article -



  3. I want to have the predictions of the year 2011 on the strength of my horoscope.

  4. Kindly send regular updates on the Zodiac signs ( Nakshatras) to the mail id

  5. Lagna is given here for those who follow Lagna as a standard in muhurthams. Some people consider only nakshatram in muhurthams. If the tentative muhurtham is set by any good brahmin, then it is auspicious. Choose well educated and experienced Brahmin before proceeding for any auspicious event.

  6. please send me panchang of October 2012 please for theard ceremony please !

  7. My mother is a Horoscope writer. She needs a kannada vontikoppal panchanga for the year 1982-83, 83-84 and 84-85. If Anybody have these please share with me.


  8. pl allow us for a free down load of d panchangam

  9. Sir,
    Pls tell me aspecious time on 2.5.2012 to put ear ring to my 2 1/2 month baby boy.
    Satish K N

  10. Please send me vontikoppal panchangam 1983 kannada

  11. dear sir pls send my hor0scope and my kundali , jataka my dob is 05/01/1986 1.25am place of birth arkalgud,hassan d , karnataka state

  12. Many people have told me that back of the PANCHANGA & CALANDER many useful Shloka, Mantra, Muhurtha for auspicious days would be mentioned. Just I would like to know & act as suggested to me.

  13. Dear Sir,
    Kindly let me know the date of Eleashtami in 1985.


  14. star and other information for 14-sep-12, 1.18pm born baby

  15. plzz send me vontikoppal panchangam of 1990-91 kannada…Thanks

  16. plzz send me good dates for mudde baby program in october

  17. sir
    pls tell me auspicious date and time in october month to mudee karayakaramma to my 2years 3months baby

  18. please send my panchangam in kannada date 12-08-1987

  19. Dear sir,
    my name is ramanagouda and my paents saying that i born in 1985 of before 20days back of bharat hunnime so could you tell my rashi and nakshatra.

  20. Hi, I was looking for ontikoppal panchangam 2012 13 kannada. could some one share soft copy if any.


  21. hi i maruti i need 2013 panchanga so please someone who
    know the web address please share with me.

  22. Dear sir,

    Pls tell me the prediction for me,job,finance and love or marriage
    Time:-10.15 am

    and my lover name starts with ಪ್ರಿ

    time:-04.00 am

    Tell me the the both ill marry or not.

    thanks in advance sir,i am waiting ur reply
    [email protected]

  23. What is 2013-2014 year in Kannada Panchangam. I want to download Kannada Panchanga 2013-14 pdf for free

  24. I want any Kannada Panchanga 2013-14 hard copy. Can any one tell where I can get it in Bangalore or Hosur in Karnataka

  25. I want kannada calender with details of all festivals and jainthi for the year of 1982

  26. The name of the year is Vijaya. Looks like the Panchang is not ready yet!

  27. Dear Sir, Please tell me about my future ….My DOB:09/08/1990 Time is 6.30 am Thursday

    Waiting for your reply

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  229. In your panchagam the lineage /gothras are mentioned and is of great help. I came across another gothra by ‘KAPILA BHARADWAJ GOTHRA” the same is not captured in the almanac. Request to kindly update the pravara of the said gothra for settling alliances.

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