Ugadi 2012, Nandana nama Samvatsara Ugadi 2012, Telugu & Kannada New Year

Ugadi 2012, Yugadi 2012 is Kannada New Year & Telugu New Year. In 2012, Ugadi date is March 23. Ugadi 2012 marks the beginning of Nandana Nama samvatsara (2012-2013). It also marks the beginning of Marathi New Year which is celebrated as Gudhi Padwa. Chaitra 1 or Chaitra Pratipada is the first day of Chaitra month as well as the Hindu New Year. On this day, Chaitra Navratri or Vasant Navratri begins. It onsets the Vasant rithu or spring season as per Hinduism.

Ugadi day marks the starting of new Telugu Panchangam, Kannada Panchanga and Marathi Kalnirnay or Panchang. It consists of 12 lunar months and each month starts on the next day of Amavasya or No Moon. Purnima marks the end of Shukla Paksha or the brighter phase or fortnight of Hindu month. Krishna Paksha or dark fortnight starts on the following day of Purnima or Full Moon.

Telugu people of Andhra Pradesh, Kannada people of Karnataka and all other Telugu and Kannada speaking people celebrated Ugadi in grand way. They celebrate their cultural grandeur on Ugadhi day. Ugadi Pacchadi or Bevu Bella is the special Ugadi recipe in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for Ugadi. People prepare the recipe and distribute among friends and relatives. Panchanga Shravanam is the most observed ritual in Telugu and Kannada families.

You can download Telugu Panchangam 2012-2013 PDF here. (Nandana Nama Samvatsara Panchangam)

Download more Telugu Panchangam 2012-2013 here.. (Nandana Nama Samvatsara Panchangam)

Download Kannada Panchangam 2012-2013 PDF here. (Nandana Nama Samvatsara Panchangam)

Telugu Calendar 2012 with Tithi PDF Download

Ugadi Panchanga Sravanam 2012-2013 – Link

Here are the Kandaya Phalams 2012-2013Adaya Vyaya tables 2012-2013, and Rajapujya Avamana charts 2012-2013. (Nandana Nama Samvatsara Panchanga Sravanam)

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  1. DNR Rao says:

    Wish to know the dates of Nandana samvathsara Adhika masa period and have he bhadrapada masa calender.

  2. Krishna says:

    A famous spiritual teacher of recent times said that the concept of panchaangam (like most concepts in Hinduism) has outer as well as inner meanings.

    Generally we consider panchaagam to mean astrological charts – They have a rightful place in our lives, of course.
    However, the Vedas used this term because the ancient sages wanted to kick-start people’s inquiry. “Panchaangam” literally means “5 limbs” (pancha=5; angam=limb), namely the 5 senses. Every human being has panchaangam within himself/herself.

    The spiritual meaning of ‘panchaanga sravanam’ (listening to astrologers interpret star-charts of the coming year), then, is to reflect upon the proper use of the 5 senses on this New Year Day, and to resolve upon sense-control for the coming year.

    If we applied this inner meaning, our self-control itself would guard us against the storms of life, even if the astrological charts themselves were unfavourable! But alas, how many people take this inner meaning to heart?

  3. Prathima says:

    Need to schedule the marriage, hence wanted dates confirmation gud time & date

  4. Chidaakaash says:

    when was the ugadi festival in 2012 year

  5. Siddhraj says:

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  6. Sevati says:

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  7. Kripal says:

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  8. Suksha says:

    which samvatsara (year) will be starting from this years yugadi day?

  9. Vanalika says:

    which ritu will start in samvatsra is 2013

  10. Ankur says:

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  11. Barkha says:

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