One has to study 54 Subjects to complete a Bachelor Degree, in ancient times did students have to study so many subjects?

In today’s engineering institutions we have to study almost 54 subjects to complete our degree. In the ancient time like in Nalanda University, did students have to study so many subjects? This was a question raised by a devotee in the Satsang of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art of Living. Below is the reply given by Guruji on today’s education system and the comparison and differences between the education in present days and olden days.

Yes, people were very studious. Those days, students never got time to do any entertainment. There is a proverb that says, ‘if you are a student then there is no happiness, joy for you and if you are in the pursuit of pleasure then you cannot be a student.’ You have to work hard. In those days people used to work hard. Now there are computers, you have calculators. The previous generations never had any computers or calculators. We had to memorize all multiplication tables. We had to memorize so many things.

In fact, in those days the brain was used a lot, now we do not use it as much.
Do you remember, a few years back when there was no cell phone; you had to remember peoples’ telephone numbers? When we had only landline connections, we all used to remember the telephone numbers of people. Today with the cell phone, nobody remembers the number. Once you feed it in there that is it. The moment you press somebody’s name, the number comes itself. Many times you do not remember your own number.

So we are using less of our memory and more of technology. Sometimes it is scary that we may lose the ability to remember things, and it is fast happening.
Any youth who watches at least 2 movies a week, after 3 months if you ask them the story of any one particular movie, they will blink. They will mix stories from one movie with other movies. They can’t even narrate the whole story. This is why Attention Deficiency Syndrome has become so common today.

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