Old Age People

People’s last stage of life is old age. Some people would peacefully spend their old age, along with their wife and children, whereas some people would suffer from poverty, since getting a job after 60 is very difficult.

Nowadays rich people prefer to spend their life in luxurious retirement homes along with their spouse. They didn’t want themselves to be a burden to their children. They usually put their hard money in bank and post office fixed deposit schemes, and utilize the interest amount whenever they need it.

But for those senior citizens suffering from poverty and diseases would be very difficult to spend the rest of their life. In some cases, the rich children also didn’t show interest in taking care of their parents. They may feel that their parents would create troubles in their life. Even some children would not take their parents to the hospitals, and they won’t give proper treatment for them. They would feel that spending money for the old age people is a waste job, and prevent spending money for them.

But the same thing may happen to the children also, when they attain their old age. Similar to them, their children also would avoid them and would not take care of them. It is always suggested to keep a good amount of investment in banks and post offices by the senior citizens, in order to take care on their own.

Some elderly couples would give their entire savings to the children, and expect that they will take care of them properly. But it is not preferable to do so. Since at any time, situation may change unfavourably to them, and during such times, they have to face severe challenges in their life.

Youngsters must give good respect to their parents, and till their death, they have to take care of them properly. Correcting their nature, after the death of their parents would be of no use for them. Just making a small smile and spending a few minutes in a day to their parents, would convince the elders.

I have studied from various magazines that many youngsters who tortured their parents are crying like anything after their death. They are feeling very guilty for their ignorance. But after the death of the parents, there is no use in crying hardly and begging for pardon at all. Since the dead ones cannot be brought back to life again.

Hence let us treat all the elders, including our parents, as the aged saints, and show our great respect to them, and be blessed.


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