Indrajit Samhara Moorthy | Lakshmana as Slayer of Indrajit (Meghanada)

Since Lakshmana killed Ravana’s son Indrajit, he is called as “INDRAJIT SAMHARA MOORTHY”. During the time of Ramayana war, Lakshmana fought bravely with Indrajit, and killed him, after stopping Indrajit’s yagna which was performed by him in order to satisfy the holy mother, Ma NIKUMBILA. Lakshmana was able to achieve this, since he was considered to be an incarnation of Lord Adisesha. Though Indrajit was a brave warrior, but however, he was defeated and killed by Lakshmana, since he walked on the path of “ADHARMA”, injustice.

Lakshmana is also known as “SESHA AVATARA MOORTHY”, since he is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Sesha. “SAHODARA PRIYA MOORTHY”, since he showered great love and affection on his elder brother, Lord Rama.

“KRODA MOORTHY”, since Lakshmana always appears in anger mood, “RAKSHASA SAMHARA MOORTHY”, since Lakshmana killed many demons during the time of Ramayana war. “JWARA NIVARANA MOORTHY”, being an avatar of Sesha Naga, Lakshmana contains sufficient powers to cure our fever and poisonous diseases. “SITA PUTRA MOORTHY”, since Lakshmana considered Ma Sita as his own mother throughout his life time, he is considered to be the beloved son of Sita Mata. Lakshmana is also called as “HANUMANTA PRIYA MOORTHY”, since he loved Hanuman so much, and considered him similar to his brother.

Lakshmana acts as an example to others with regard to his selfless bhakti shown on his brother Lord Rama. Nowadays we could have heard from the media, that even some people kill their own brothers for the sake of grabbing wealth from them. But the great Lakshmana considered his brother’s love as his only wealth. He didn’t claim anything for himself, but sacrificed his entire life for the sake of Lord Rama. Similar to Hanuman, who is called by his devotees as “RAMA BHAKTA HANUMAN”, Lakshmana can also be called as “RAMA BHAKTA LAKSHMANA”, since he has showered great respect and affection on his brother Lord Rama.

Lakshmana’s main aim was to serve his brother, Lord Rama sincerely, faithfully and pleasingly, and he has done it throughout his life time. We cannot find any brother like Lakshmana, who served like a humble slave and servant to Lord Rama.


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