Nine Types of Naivedyam for Navaratri in South India, North India | Dasara Navratri Prasadams List

Durga Maa – Mata Khanak Charri Yatra 2013

Durga Maa – Mata Khanak Charri Yatra 2013

In South India, nine types of Naivedyam (food offerings) are offered to Goddess Durga during Navaratri.

As the nine Goddesses to worship differ from place to place and state to state, naivedyam also differs.

Usually, Navadurga are worshipped as Navadevi in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and some temples in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Navadurga – Nine aspects of Goddess Durga

Nine Colours of Navaratri 2022

Here we are giving the list of naivedyams for Navratri (as per the standard procedure)

First day, 26 September 2022, Monday

Shailaputri Navadurga is worshipped as Sri Swarna Kavachalankrita Durga Devi – Chalimidi (Rice Flour Sweet), Vadapappu (Soaked Moong), Payasam (kheer) are offered as naivedyam. (Navratri Pratipada).

Colour for South India – Gold Color Saree / dress.

As per North Indian beliefs, offering ‘ghee’ on Pratipada makes devotee free from all types of diseases and gets him great health. गाय का शुद्ध घी निवेदन करने से आरोग्य का आशीर्वाद मिलता है।

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – WHITE Colour

Kalasha Sthapana Vidhi

Second day, 27 September 2022, Tuesday

Brahmacharini Navadurga is worshipped as Sri Balatripurasundari Devi – Sweet Boondhi naivedyam and Chickpeas. (Navratri Dwitiya).

Colour for South India – Light Pink Color Saree / dress (Baby Pink Color)

In North India, Sugar is offered as Naivedya. दूसरे दिन, शक्कर निवेदन कीजिये| प्रशाद घर में सभी सदस्यों को देने से सभी को आयु वृद्धि होती है|

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – RED Colour

Third day, 28 September 2022, Wednesday

Chandraghanta Navadurga is worshipped as Gayatri Devi – Ravva Kesari & Pulihora (Tamarind Rice). (Navaratri Tritiya)

Colour for South India – Orange Color Saree / dress.

In North India, Milk is offered as Naivedya. तीसरे दिन, दूध या दूध से बानी किसी भी खीर या मिठाई निवेदन करने से दुःख से मुक्ति होक आनंद प्राप्ति होती है|

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – ROYAL BLUE Colour

Fourth day, 29 September 2022, Thursday

Kushmanda Navadurga is worshipped as Annapurna Devi – Pongal is offered as naivedyam. (Vinayak Chaturthi, Navratri Chaturthi).

Colour for South India – Sandalwood Yellow Color Saree / dress.

North Indian devotees offer Malpua on Chaturthi day. मालपुआ निवेदन करने से बुद्धि की विकास होती है|

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – YELLOW Colour

Fifth day, 30 September 2022, Friday

Skandamata Navadurga is as Sri Lalita Tripurasundari Devi – Pulihora (Tamarind Rice) and Pesara Boorelu (Wadas made of Lentils) are offered as naivedya. (Lalita Panchami, Upang Lalita Vrat), Navratri Panchami.

Colour for South India – Pure Gold Color Saree / dress.

On Panchami day, Bananas are offered as Naivedya. पंचमी के दिन, केले का नैवैद्य अर्पित करने से शरीर स्वस्थ रहता है।

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – GREEN Colour

Sixth day, 1 October 2022, Saturday

Katyayani Navadurga is worshipped as Sri Mahalakshmi Devi – Ksheerannam (Rice recipe made with milk and sugar) or Jaggery Rice are offered as naivedyam. (Navratri Shashti)

Colour for South India – Dark Pink Color Saree / dress.

In North India, offering honey on Sashti makes the devotee more confident and gets him ready to face any challenge in life. शहद का भोग निवेदन करने से आपके आकर्षण शक्त्ति में वृद्धि होगी।

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – GREY Colour

Seventh day, 2 October 2022, Sunday

Kalaratri Mata is worshipped as Sri Saraswati Devi –- Atukulu (Poha / beaten rice / flattened rice) Bellam (Jaggery), Shanagapappu (Chana dal / Split Skinless Chickpeas), Kobbari (Coconut) are offered as Naivedyam. (Navratri Saptami).

Colour for South India – White Colour Saree / dress.

On Maha Saptami day, North Indian people offer items made of jaggery are offered to Goddess Durga. गुड़ का नैवेद्य निवेदन करने से मुक्ति मिलती है एवं आकस्मिक संकटों से रक्षा भी होती है।

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – ORANGE Colour

Eighth day, 3 October 2022, Monday

Mahagouri Navadurga is worshipped as Sri Durga Devi – Gaarelu (Wada) & Lemon juice flavored Ginger pieces are offered as naivedyam. (Durga Ashtami, Maha Ashtami & Navaratri Ashtami).

Colour for South India – Dark Pink Color Saree / dress.

On Ashtami day, coconuts are offered in North India. नारियल का निवेदन करने से संतान संबंधी परेशानियों से छुटकारा मिलता है।

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – PEACOCK GREEN Colour

Ninth day, 4 October 2022, Tuesday

Siddhidhatri Navadurga is worshipped as Sri Mahishasura Mardhini Devi – Chakra Pongali is offered as naivedyam. (Maha Navami, Durga Navami, Navami Navratri).

Colour for South India – Dark Red Color Saree / dress.

In North India, on Mahanavami day Til / Recipes made of Sesame is offered to Goddess Durga and is distributed among needy people. तिल का निवेदन करने से मृत्यु भय से मुक्ति मिलेगी और आकस्मिक दुर्घटनाओं से राहत मिलेगी |

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – PINK Colour

Tenth day, 5 October 2022, Wednesday

Siddhidhatri Navadurga is decorated and worshipped as Sri Rajarajeshwari Devi. Pulihora (Tamarind Rice) and Garelu (Wada) are offered as Naivedyam. (Vijayadashami, Dussehra).

Colour for South India – Green Color Saree / dress or Green shaded Color Saree / dress.

Colour for North India (Maharashtra, Gujarat & other parts) – – – –

Please note that Nine Goddesses to be worshipped during Navratri, nine types of colours, and nine types of naivedyams (food offerings) may differ as per the particular temple’s Agama Shasthra and their owned rituals. This can also change according to the nakshatram, thithi, and year.

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