9 colours of Navratri 2014, Dresses to wear in Navratri 2014

Navratri Colours 2014, 9 colours of Durga Navratri 2014, Dresses to wear in Navratri 2014, saree colours for Navratri 2014, Daily colors of Navratri Durga Puja is given here. In Maharashtra and Gujarat, women wear nine colors of sarees during Navratri. The tradition of 9 colours during Navratri Puja is very common in Gujarat, Maharashtra and some other North Indian states.

Here, we are providing detailed information on Navratri colours and the significance of the particular day.

In 2014, Navratri begins on September 25 and ends on October 3. Vasant Navratri begins on March 31 and ends on April 8.

On each day of Navaratri, one Goddess of Navadurga is worshipped. Navratri Puja begins with Shailputri Maa and ends with Siddhidhatri Mata.

September 25, 2014 – Yellow colour – Navratri Pratipada – Shailputri Puja

September 26, 2014 – Green colour - Navratri Dwitiya – Brahmacharini Puja

September 27, 2014 – Grey colour - Navratri Tritiya – Chandraghanta Puja

September 28, 2014 – Orange colour - Navratri Chaturthi – Kushmanda Puja

September 29, 2014 – White colour - Navratri Panchami – Skandamata Puja

September 30, 2014 – Red colour - Navratri Shashti – Katyayani Puja

October 1, 2014 – Blue colour - Navratri Saptami – Kalratri Puja

October 2, 2014 – Pink colour - Navratri Ashtami – Mahagauri Puja

October 3, 2014 – Purple colour - Navratri Navami – Siddhidhatri Puja

Nine-day Navratri – Nine colours of Durga Navratri 2014

First Day: The Goddess of first day in Navratri is dressed in Grey coloured saree. First Day of Durga Navaratri 2014 – Kalasha Sthapana (Ghatasthapana) – Prathami Puja or Padyami Puja – Installation of earthen pot – Ashwin Shukla Padyami (Ashwin masa Shudda Prathami) –  25 September 2014, Yellow color is the color for the first day of Navratri.

Second Day: The Goddess of second day in Navratri is dressed in Orange coloured saree. Second Day of Durga Navaratri 2014 – Preethi Dwitiya (Preeti Vidiya) – Ashwin Shukla Dwitiya –   26 September 2014. Color for second day of Navratri is Green.

Third Day: The Goddess of third day in Navratri is dressed in White coloured saree. Third Day of Durga Navaratri – Sthana Vriddhi Gauri Vrata – Ashwin Masa Shudda Tritiya (Aswayuja Shukla Thadiya) – 27 September 2014. – Sindhoor Tritiya. Sowbhagya Teej. Color of third day in Navratri 2014 is Grey.

Fourth Day: The Goddess of fourth day in Navratri is dressed in Red coloured saree. Fourth Day of Durga Saran Navaratri 2014 – Bhouma Chaturthi – Ashwin Masa Shudda Chaturthi (Ashwayuja Shukla Chavithi) – 28 September 2014. Fourth day color of Navratri 2014 is Orange.

Fifth Day: The Goddess of fifth day in Navratri is dressed in Blue coloured saree. Fifth Day of Durga Saran Navaratri 2014 – Upang Lalitha Gauri Vrata (Sri Lalitha Panchami or Maha Panchami) – Ashwin Shudda Panchami – 29 September 2014. Fifth day Color of Navratri 2014 is White.

Sixth Day: The Goddess of sixth day in Navratri is dressed in Yellow coloured saree. Sixth Day of Durga Navaratri 2014 – Maha Sashti – Ashwin Shudda Sashti – Ashwin Shudda Sashti – 30 September 2014. 6th day colour of Navratri 2014 is Red.

Seventh Day: The Goddess of seventh day in Navratri is dressed in Green coloured saree. Seventh Day of Durga Saran Navaratri 2014 – Maha Saptami – Ashwin Shudda Saptami – Triratra Vrata Aarambha Utsava Puja (Trirathrotsavam) – 1 October 2014. 7th day colour of Navratri 2014 is Blue.

Eighth Day: The Goddess of eighth day in Navratri is dressed in Peacock green colored saree. Eighth Day of Durga Navaratri 2014 – Durga Ashtami (Maha Astami) – Ashwin Shudda Astami – Sri Maha Durga Puja – Goddess Saraswati Mata Puja – 2 October 2014. 8th day color of Navratri 2014 is: Pink.

Ninth Day: The Goddess of ninth day in Navratri is dressed in Purple coloured saree. Ninth Day of Durga Navaratri 2014 – Maharnavami Puja (Maha Navami) – Suhasini Puja – Ayudha Puja – Kanya Puja or Kumari Puja – Ashwin Shudda Navami – 3 October 2014. 9th day color of Navratri 2014 is: Purple.

Tenth Day: Vijayadashami. The Goddess of tenth day in Navratri is dressed in Purple coloured saree. Tenth Day of Durga Navaratri 2014 – Vijaya Dashami (Dussera / Dasara / Dussehra) – Mahishasura Vadha – Ashwin Shudda Dashami – 3 October 2014. But this time Vijaya Dashami is the 9th day of Navratri due to some shuffle in thithis. Color of dress to wear on Vijaya Dashami in 2014 is: Purple.

It is to note that in 2014, Navami and Dashami Navratri fall on the same day – 3 October.

For Navratri 2015, the colours remain same but the day or date to use/wear will change according to Marathi / Gujarati Panchang. Local pundits will decide about colors of Navratri.

All the above information on Navratri colours will be given in Newspapers like Maharashtra Times & Bombay Times of a day or couple prior to Navratri… You can cross check with that information.

Read here about the preparation of Navratri recipes (Durga Puja recipes): Aloo Posto, Aamer Chutney, Aloo Potol, Baingan Bhaja, Navratri Recipes and many more…,

The colours are highlighted in Bold Black colored font. The colours will be given in local Gujarati and Marathi newspapers.

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  2. I have read the website an was surprised to see all different colours of sarees the women to wear during the rituals and probably the same goes for men as well./ But what is the significance can any one explain that to me

  3. hi,
    Colors for 2012 are:
    16th – RED
    17th – Sky BLUE
    18th – YELLOW
    19th – GREEN
    20th – GREY
    21st – ORANGE
    22nd – WHITE
    23rd – PINK
    24th – BLUE
    found on few other websites!!

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