‘Nakshatra Rashi Vanam’ in Tirumala Tirupati | Astro Gardens by TTD

What’s your Zodiac Sign and Birth Star. Are you keen to know which plant suits your Raasi and Janma Nakshatra. If you are really a “Nature Enthusiast”, then visit the “Nakshatra-Raasi Vanam” developed by the forest wing of TTD both at Tirumala and in Tirupati.

These “Astro Gardens” have been attracting the pilgrim devotees and locals in Tirumala at Paruveta Mandapam and also at Alipiri in Tirupati.

“The morning walkers had a great time meditating under their Birth Star related trees in this Nakshatra-Raasi vanam which was conceptualised on the idea of our EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao”, says Deputy Conservator of Forests of TTD Sri NV Sivaram Prasad, the man behind the development of this unique gardens.


According to our Hindu Dharma, there are 12 Zodiac Signs and 27 stars in our constellation starting from Aswini to Revathi. The elliptically structured zodiac, can be divided into twelve houses with further subdivision of the same into twenty seven nakshatras or star constellation.

When a person is born, the presence of the Sun in the star decides the Janma Nakshatra of the person.


The concept of Astrological Gardens has emerged out of this fact that among the tens of thousands of auspicious divine plant species available in our country, each Birth Star and Zodiac Sign had a significant bond with a plant. According to technique mentioned in “Mantra Maharnava” shastra, the birth stars are being classified into Sunrise and Sunset stars. The plants related to these birth stars which signify the character of the individual are planted accordingly.


Star Scientific name of Related Indian Name

1. Jyesta Casuarina equisitifolia (Sarugudu)

2. Anuradha Mimospo elangi (Vakula)

3. Visakha Flucourtis (Vikamkata)

4. Swathi Terminalia arjuna (Arjuna)

5. Chitta Aegle marmelos (Bilwa)

6. Hasta Spondias (Ambasta)

7. Uttaraphalguni Ficus racemosa (Juvvi)

8. Purvaphalguni Butea (Palasa)

9. Makha Soymida febrifuga (Rohini)

10.Aslesha Plumeria (Champa)

11.Pushyami Ficus religiosa (Aswatha)

12.Punarvasu Bamboo (Vamsee)

13.Ardhra Acquilaria (Krishna)

14.Mrugasira Acacia sundra (Khadira)


15.Rohini Jamun (Jamboo)

16.Krittika Ficus racemosa (Atti)

17.Bharani Emblica (Dhatri)

18.Aswini Strychnos (Karaskara)

19.Revathi Madhuka (Vishpa)

20.Uttarabhadra Oleander (Ganneru)

21.Purvabhadra Nimbus (Neem)

22.Satabhisham Anthocephalus (Kadamba)

23.Dhanista Prosopis (Sami)

24.Shravana Calotropis gigantia (Arka)

25.Uttarashada Artocarpus (Jack)

26.Purvashada Saraca (Ashoka)

27.Moola Mangifera indica (Mango)

Similarly the forest wing of TTD has also developed Rasi Vanam with a tree planted in the respective zodiac sign as per its significance based on the tenets of Varahamihira’s Jyothisya Shastra.

Zodiac Sign Name of the plant or tree Indian name

1. Aries Pterocarpus santalinus Red Sanders

2. Taurus Alstonia scholaris Sapthaparna

3. Gemini Artocarpus Jack

4. Cancer Butea monosperma Palasa

5. Leo Stereospermum Badari

6. Virgo Mangifera Mango

7. Libra Mimusops Bakula

8. Scorpio Acacia Khadira

9. Sagittarius Ficus religiosa Asoka

10.Capricorn Dalbergia Simsupa

11.Aquarius Prosopis Sami

12.Pisces Ficus benghalensis Marri

According to Sri M Badarinath from Parbani of Maharastra, “This is the first time I visited Tirumala. As a part of our outing after darshan of Lord Venkateswara, I happened to visit this unique gardens located in Paruveta Mandapam. I am fascinated to note that my birth star and sign matches with Ficus species. I even meditated under this plant which gave me a unique experience”, an elated Badarinath reacted.


The forest wing of TTD is also showing keen interest in developing the astro gardens by taking special care of the trees. “Apart from the Raasi and Nakshatra Vanams, TTD has also developed “Shiva Panchaytana Vanam”, “Vinayaka Vanam”. Shiva Panchayatana vanam is also called “Panchabhuta” vanam which represents five elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky.

These trees and plants are mentioned in a sacred book called ‘Purana Chudamani’. These trees should be planted in particular directions only. The presence of these trees not only balances the five elements with which we are made but also the environment in which they are present and gives the ultimate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual results to us as well as to the earth.


“More Astro gardens are coming up at Alipiri, adjacent to Vinayaka Swamy Temple. The Vinayaka Vanam will be developed with all the 21 varieties of sacred leaves which we offer to Lord Ganesha during His worship near Vinaya Swamy temple located in second ghat road”, the Forest Wing top brass officer of TTD said.

The forest wing is also contemplating to set up Navagraha Vanam, Astadikpalaka Vanam and Saptarshi vanam to make the green belt of Tirumala into a astrological heaven for the benefit of multitude of visiting pilgrims.

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