Naimisaranya | Naimisharanyam | Neemsar, Nimsar or Nimkhar

Naimisaranyam Chakra Tirtham

Naimisaranyam Chakra Tirtham

Naimisaranya is a sacred temple of Lord Vishnu, and it situated in Uttar Pradesh. This temple is also one of the DivyaDesham Temples, and the significance of this temple was sung by the Alwars in the holy text, ‘Nalayira Divya Prabandham’.

Huge Wealth was contributed by the ancient kings to this temple. Similar to Badrinath, this is also a sacred pilgrimage centre, and people from all parts of India would visit this temple during festival times. This place is also visited by Lord Rama during the Treta Yuga and by the Pandavas during the previous Dwapara Yuga.

Sage Narada is believed to have visited this sacred place, and he took bath in the sacred well which is situated in the holy temple.This place was visited by Adisankara and the 15th century popular blind poet and Krishna devotee Surdas lived at this place only. During every new moon day, large number of devotees would take bath in the holy well.

As per legend, Nara and Narayana had once meditated at this place, and they are the divine avatars of Lord Vishnu. Once when Prahlada had visited this place, he approached them and questioned them for keeping weapons along with them. Since Nara and Narayana didn’t replied properly to his question, Prahlada began to fight with Nara and Narayana, but he could not succeed in his fight. Then after Lord Vishnu had appeared before him, and explained to him, that Nara and Narayana are his true forms, and asked him to seek apology with them. Prahlada had realised his mistake and sought apology to them.

It is also believed that at this holy place, Sage Dadichi had left his life by doing meditation, in order to donate his backbone for doing the divine weapon Vajrayudha. After his death, Lord Indra came to this place, and with the back bone of the holy Rishi Dadichi, he asked the divine architect Vishwakarma to make the powerful weapon Vajrayudha for him.

Hence, let us visit this holy temple at least once in our life time, and be blessed.


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